NFV and SDN development, deployment and challenges

Integration, orchestration and security noted by Radware as key challenges facing ongoing SDN, NFV and cloud deployment models.

On this week’s NFV/SDN Reality Check, brought to you by Nokia, we speak with Frank Yue, director of application delivery solutions at Radware, on development, deployment and challenges facing the telecom space as it continues to move towards greater use of software-defined networking and network functions virtualization.

In terms of near-term challenges for operators moving down the road of SDN and NFV, Yue said integration remains a significant hurdle – with a particular focus on the “elephant in the room” of orchestration – and how operators move on making sure the new software-based deployments can work in the same environment as legacy operations.

“It’s not a quick remove and replace type solution that you need to deliver to these telecom providers, so you need to integrate slowly and very focused in terms of how you determine which solutions you want to deploy in your environment,” Yue explained.

Yue also touched in cloud security challenges facing the telecom space, noting companies are struggling to maintain integrity of data content flowing across various networks and platforms, which requires the need for increased use of encryption, and issues concerning standards in cloud deployments that can open up avenues for possible security breaches.

“That becomes a big administrative mess that we need to properly understand and manage,” Yue said.

Let’s take a look at that interview now.

Thanks for watching this week’s show and make sure to check out our next NFV/SDN Reality Check when we speak with Gigaspaces on using cloud platforms to bolster NFV orchestration efforts.

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