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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace is an online store that makes it easy for customers to find and immediately start using the software and services that run on the AWS Cloud. With  its “pay as you go” model, visitors to the marketplace can use the one-click deployment option to quickly launch pre-configured software and pay only for what they use, by the hour or month. AWS handles billing and payments for the services, and the software charges appear on customers' AWS bill. Alternatively, with the BYOL model, customers can purchase only the compute resources with Radware’s Alteon VA image,  and apply a license  that they’ve purchased from Radware or one of its resellers.

Radware's Alteon VA enables organizations to run applications across private and public cloud infrastructures, while improving overall quality of experience (QoE) for users accessing business applications through its load balancing and traffic management capabilities. Its availability on the AWS Marketplace allows Radware customers to deploy mission critical applications on the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with ease.

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Alteon VA

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What Does Alteon Virtual Appliance for AWS Do?

If you want to develop your application in Amazon’s cloud to increase application capacity handling capabilities, the Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) for AWS provides the perfect solution for your needs.

Alteon NG VA is a fully-featured Alteon NG application delivery controller (ADC), packaged as a virtual appliance running on AWS server virtualization infrastructure. It is a Soft-ADC that provides identical functionality to Radware's Alteon physical ADC devices including:

Layer 7 aware content redirection and modification

Application acceleration through the embedded FastView module and HTTP/2 gateway

Web application firewall (WAF) solution through the embedded AppWall software module

Application specific optimized configuration guides and configuration templates with automation and reports through AppShape


Alteon VA is available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace:

Alteon VA for Amazon’s AWS is available in three different editions:

Alteon VA Standard Edition

Server load balancing (SLB) – enabling Layer 4 to 7 local server load balancing, SSL offloading and compression.

Alteon VA Enterprise Edition

Global server load balancing (GSLB) license – enabling cross site server load balancing, with high availability and disaster recovery (DR) functionality, bandwidth management and advanced DoS protection on top of the standard edition’s functionality.

Alteon VA Enterprise NG Edition

Provides advanced ADC services including WAF, acceleration and APM services on top of the Enterprise edition.