Blue Coat Blue Coat provides caching solutions in Internet Service Provider (ISP) environments to improve user experience and upstream bandwidth savings. The Blue Coat solution also enables content filtering options for regulatory or cultural reasons. Deployments range from small ISP's to Tier-1 providers that utilize dozens of Blue Coat Proxy appliances.

The technology alliance between Radware and Bluecoat enables carriers and ISPs to benefit from a unique joint solution comprised from two best of breed sub systems – Radware's Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) and Blue Coat's caching solution products. The joint solution, tested and validated by both vendors, guarantees Blue Coat's proxies with maximum availability, scalability, performance and security, while managing traffic for WAN Optimization and Secure Web Gateway services. Furthermore, Radware's ADCs work in conjunction with Blue Coat proxies to provide advanced health monitoring and avoid service down time.

Key Benefits:

  • Joint, integrated solution, tested and certified by Blue Coat and Radware certification labs.
  • Guarantees 24x7 availability with advanced service health monitoring to automatically bypass any hardware and network failure.
  • Superior scalability for Blue Coat's proxies, providing a seamless and easy upgrade path with zero downtime to support current and future network capacity requirements.
  • Pay-as-you-grow approach through Radware's On-Demand Switch platforms enabling incremental growth while ensuring long-term solution viability, best investment protection and increased ROI
  • Repeatable deployment models for standardizing configurations and minimizing risk. Optimized system performance – traffic redirection to the most responsive Blue Coat proxy resource, based on continuous ADC health checks and response time.

Technical Highlights:

  • Support for Bridge and Routed deployment options, providing a powerful in-line vehicle.
  • Simultaneous support for VIP (CDN) and transparently intercepted (standard) optimization service traffic.
  • Bi-directional persistency for transparent service deployments.
  • Intelligent request differentiation and distribution based on flexible filters optimizing cache hit ratios.

Product Integration

Radware products that are integrated with Blue Coat Technology. 


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