Comverse Technology Partnership

Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology, specializes in unified communications systems. The company's Total Communication SM portfolio includes value-added messaging, personalized data and content-based services, and real-time converged billing solutions.

In 2000, Comverse Network Systems and Radware entered into an OEM agreement wherein Comverse's unified message systems would integrate with Radware's application delivery products and sell them through their OEM channels. Subscribers of Comverse's unified message system are generally able to access their email, voice and fax messages from a single mailbox, from anywhere, using home, work or mobile phones, a PC or fax. By integrating Radware's application front end solution for SIP, which is powered by AppDirector, users experience optimization of resources, fault tolerance and scalability in addition to transparent and highly available end-to-end security.

Together Radware and Comverse provide subscribers with a highly secure unified communications service that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.


Product Integration

Radware products that are integrated with Comverse Technology.

Alteon NG


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