Juniper Technology Partnership

Juniper Networks, the leader in high-performance networking, provides solutions that create a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. Based on an established working relationship and interoperability testing of multiple products, Radware, with its award-winning APSolute product suite, has joined Juniper’s J-Partner Solutions Alliance program for application delivery solutions.

Optimization of SSL VPN traffic is one of many initiatives that Juniper and Radware have teamed to provide. Due to the dispersed and increasingly mobile or remote nature of businesses today, extranets have become more and more critical to successful operations. Many enterprise systems or collaboration tools have been webified, placing increased demands on the network. As networks get more congested, SSL VPN traffic needs to be optimized in order to avoid web application performance degradation and loss of revenue and productivity.

By combining the unique strengths of Radware’s AppDirector application delivery controller and Juniper’s Secure Access SSL VPN products, the joint solution provides a best-of-breed infrastructure for highly available and scalable secure mobile/remote access for employees, customers, and partners. The enhanced infrastructure ensures the best quality of experience for end users while providing a future vehicle for incremental growth. In addition, the solution leverages AppDirector’s local and global traffic redirection capabilities with session persistency to eliminate single point of failures (SPOFs) to ensure business continuity.


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