OpenDaylight Partnership

Radware is a silver member of the OpenDaylight project, an open source project with a modular and flexible SDN controller platform at its core. Radware’s Defense4All is the industry-first open SDN security Application for OpenDaylight Project. It is an SDN security application designed to detect DDoS attacks against selected networks/servers and drive mitigation of those attacks. Radware contributed 3 code modules that are included in the first code release "Hydrogen".

Utilizing the OpenDaylight SDN Controller that programs SDN-enabled networks to become part of the DoS/DDoS protection service itself, Defense4All allows operators to provision a DoS/DDoS protection service per virtual network segment or per customer. Defense4All offers carriers and cloud providers DoS and DDoS detection and mitigation as a native network service and:

  • Monitors traffic by periodically reading traffic counting flows
  • Detects rate-based anomalies based on dynamically learned traffic baselines
  • Drives attack mitigation - selects mitigation devices and installs traffic redirection flows
  • Ends attack mitigation when the attack is over (removing redirection flows)
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Product Integration

Radware products that are integrated with OpenDaylight Technology.