Thales Partnership

Thales is a global leader in cryptographic security products and solutions for critical government and defense infrastructure, satellite networks, enterprise customers and the financial services industry. Thales's unique positioning in the marketplace derives from its ability to address every link in the security chain and deliver end-to-end solutions.

Thales provides the IT solutions and human resources needed to protect information systems and to monitor, detect, analyze, visualize and counter all types of current and emerging cyber-attacks, including virus attacks, disinformation, denial-of-service attacks, destabilization, data destruction, defacement and theft.

Cybersecurity is an integral part of the Thales offering for the aerospace, transportation, defense and security sectors and is central to the company’s role in the defense-security continuum.

Thales’s anti-DDoS solution is based on Radware technology which provides unique capabilities to detect and mitigate attacks within seconds, including zero-day attacks for which no signature is available.