Extending the Value of Carrier Networks, Through Transparent Smart Redirection and Dynamic Policy Enforcement

Increase Carriers’ Service Capacity, Speed, Scalability and Profitability

Content Inspection Director (CID), Radware’s transparent smart redirection and dynamic policy enforcement device is designed to meet contemporary carrier needs. Using a deep packet/flow inspection (DPI/DFI) engine, CID enables carriers and service providers to provide fast time-to-market value-added services deployments.

CID also allows service providers to gain additional CAPEX / OPEX reduction by designing the network to operate with average load instead of peak loads. Radware's on-demand "pay-as-you-grow" approach enables carriers to increase throughput from 0-16Gbps without replacing hardware, thus simplifying implementation without compromising business availability or performance.

As wire-line and mobile operators face increasing competition and are searching for new revenue generators while reducing TCO, CID enables dynamic and flexible new premium services creation. With CID, profitable new business models are possible, deploying next-generation network architectures and meeting future market needs.

CID Diagram

CID provides mobile and wire-line operators with a transparent, tailor-made, DPI/DFI application delivery platform for improved visibility and dynamic control across network and services. This allows for effective service factory optimization and reduced implementation complexities of back-end resources. User QoE and service provider visibility and control are improved, while “dumb pipe” network operation is eliminated, and enhanced tiered billing capabilities and new network monetization opportunities are introduced.

With Radware’s CID, carriers and operators can effectively support the delivery of high performance customized content inspection services on demand, including typical store and forward inspection tools such as: URL filtering, Web Application Firewalls (WAF) and parental control for business and residential customers.

CID supports transparent introduction of different value add services. CID enables the seamless deployment of high-availability, optimized, best-of-breed (third party) content inspection tools across carrier networks.

In addition, CID supports Fixed and Mobile Convergence (FMC) by reusing the same VAS infrastructure for both wire line and wireless subscribers. This creates a unique competitive differentiator for service providers in their local markets and high margin new revenue generating services.

Business reputation, productivity and profitability depend on 24*7 business-application and Web site/portal availability. The financial implications of downtime and lost user transactions, due to application or hardware failures, are a major concern for wireless and wire-line operators and service providers alike. CID guarantees absolute uptime for all applications and value added services at all times. This means guaranteed transaction completion with a resilient solution that performs real-time identification and bypassing of any faulty element along the transaction path.

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