InFlight Features and Benefits

Inflight’s architecture increases the agility of any mediation-dependent solution as well as provides the following benefits:

Seamlessly deployed in the network – requiring no network configuration changes nor application changes

Enables shorter staging and testing cycles and eliminates website downtime for any upgrade or change

Requires no integration with production application

Faster application rollout / update TTM, for any mediation dependent application

  • Real time fraud activity detection enabling on-time prevention – minimizing loss and damages to online business ̶ through rich, real time logs, smart multistep transaction correlation and actionable event generation
  • Increased average revenues per user by enabling real time personalized marketing campaigns, through real time business events visibility
  • Optimized end-user QoE through real life proactive performance monitoring in the user level enabling fast and accurate resolution of site and user performance issues
  • Provides high quality event feeds and processed information, in real time, to analytical engines such as anti-fraud and authentication solutions
  • Offloads CPU intensive tasks from analytical solutions, while simplifying integration into existing web presence deployments
  • Expedites detection of transaction anomaliessuch as browsing patterns or high rate of successive login/money transfers events
  • Performs advanced complex event processing in real time, on all actual web traffic, as transaction occurs
  • Cost effective, efficient logging by offloading logging tasks from servers
    • Reducing server load by up to 30%
    • Resulting in reduced web server CAPEX and OPEX
  • Enabling fast, agile compliance such as PCI, HIPAA, and more through simplified, centralized logging to multiple logging machines
  • Simplified logging through one logging point that aggregates and creates all logs in one consistent format and distribute to the various destinations
  • Enables logging what’s needed – not just what you can (limited by your web application server resources), providing rich log entries each with historical data (e.g. login name, time in session) and geo IP information
  • Agile and fast monitoring deployment through full separation of monitoring solution and web application development
  • Optimized development resource utilization through separation between web application development and monitoring deployment, providing faster deployment cycle and shorter time to market
  • Simple analytical solution deployment, by eliminating  the need for monitoring solution integration with web application server
  • Plug-and-play adapters characterize the output and feed downstream systems in the appropriate format (i.e., TCP/IP, JMS, SMB, SQL-JDBC, SOAP, HTTP, third-party proprietary)
  • Vendor-specific adapters ensure interoperability with leading analytical and logging solutions as well as the fastest, most secure transfer of events
  • Scalable, on-demand throughput and functionality to meet business growth and evolving requirements
  • Integrated software and hardware-based secure socket layer (SSL) decryption in real time, enabling seamless monitoring of SSL encrypted traffic