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Guaranteed Service Level Application Over the WAN For Data Center, Branch or Cloud

LinkProof NG is a next generation multi-homing solution that addresses the evolving challenges and requirements of organizations from internet connectivity solutions and ensures optimized WAN connectivity service levels per application.

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Radware’s LinkProof NG is solution that uses WAN optimization to help increase efficiencies and performance across networks. View white papers, solution briefs, case studies and other resources here.

Radware solutions provided Papa John’s the application delivery and security solutions needed to support its application and network infrastructure’s growing network demand.

As a fully integrated, advanced application delivery offering, Radware’s products optimize OSRAM’s data centers to enhance application response times, provide higher availability and deliver air tight security.

Radware LinkProof was deployed at ADP headquarters and Radware LinkProof Branch devices were deployed at dealerships as part of ADP's service offering. This end-to-end solution enables ADP to provide dealerships with highly economical Internet connectivity by enabling each dealership to choose between broadband, T1/E1, Frame Relay and MPLS connections.

Radware’s LinkProof seamlessly integrates into existing networks, allowing for the management and load-balancing of multiple Internet service provider connections.

Radware’s LinkProof provides 24/7 uninterrupted access to Regency’s web-based healthcare applications through link optimization, load-balancing and multi-homing.

NYLS chose Radware's LinkProof to load balance both inbound and outbound Internet traffic. By deploying two LinkProofs, the School guarantees that its e-learning system is continuously up and available, even if one of the links fails.