SIP Director Carrier-Grade SIP Controller & SIP Load Balancing

VoIP/SIP Service Continuity and Optimization

Radware's SIP Director guarantees SIP service delivery. SIP Director is a comprehensive SIP Application Delivery Controller (ADC) for SIP value-added application vendors, Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) and System Integrators (SIs). SIP Director is designed to work with a wide range of applications including application/feature servers such as IVRs, conference applications and 911 services. SIP Director provides carrier grade performance across all IMS network layers from the Service Plane through the Control and Signaling Plane to the Transport Plane. SIP Director is also optimized for pre-IMS networks and entities including softswitches and SBCs.

Radware's VoIP/SIP ADC solution delivers the intelligence needed to address the VoIP/SIP service delivery requirements of carriers and operators deploying today's VoIP services. Radware's solution for VoIP/SIP service continuity and optimization provides:

High availability through local and global clustering, health monitoring and optimal call completion

Superior scalability through Call Admission Control capabilities coupled with unlimited call handling capacity, load balancing, traffic acceleration and performance optimization

Enhanced interoperability through support of SIP/SIPS over UDP, TCP and TLS, including protocol conversion

Unmatched flexibility through header manipulation capabilities and an easy to use configuration with no scripting or coding required

Integration & operation simplicity by functioning as a SIP Proxy

Security providing user and network protection, privacy enablement and ensuring transaction completion even when under attack

Reduced time-to-market through out-of-the-box carrier grade compliance enablement

By using SIP Director carriers, operators, vendors, SIs and TEMs benefit from service continuity, enhanced user experience, reduced OPEX/CAPEX as well as shorter development and deployment cycles reducing time-to-market.

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