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Ensure Resiliency & Success In A Post Pandemic Economy

The rapid shift of business operations has left companies vulnerable when customers, more than ever, value online interactions and a secure, digital experience. In a post pandemic economy, data is your lifeblood and security and availability are now the cornerstones of your business.

Balancing Risk vs. Reward In An Era of Digital Transformation

Pandemic Driven Opportunities

Businesses are moving critical infrastructure and applications to the public cloud to take advantage of the contactless economy.

56% of organizations saw an increase in revenue due to online ordering, home delivery, streaming services, etc.

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Securing Gaps in the Cloud

Heterogeneous collections of cloud environments create security gaps that pandemic-motivated cyber assailants seek to exploit.

30% of companies reported an increase in attacks following the onset of the pandemic.

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Evolving Threat Landscape

Businesses have opened themselves to an array of new, poorly understood vulnerabilities.

Half of businesses aren’t confident they can protect against unknown and emerging threats.

Understand the severity of the problem

Digital Transformation Success: Enable, Ensure, Protect and Secure

As companies accelerate digital transformation and embrace the cloud, security and availability become the cornerstone of these new environments. Now is the time to enable, ensure, protect and secure.

Enable Expansion

To enable more capacity for connectivity, networks and gateways must be enhanced to support remote operations. Support this shift by enabling scalability and expanding cybersecurity protection.

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Ensure Availability

In a world driven by apps, transforming your networks and applications with high availability is vital to creating a strong digital experience.

Ensure scalability and availability and add resiliency for remote infrastructures.

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Protect Infrastructure & Applications

Changes to the organization’s network and applications, combined with the evolving threat landscape means it is imperative to secure infrastructure and applications across mixed environments – data centers, private and public clouds.

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Secure Cloud Environments

The transition to the cloud means a heterogenous collection of computing environments, each with their own security policies and requirements, leaving organizations exposed to overly permissive environments and misconfigurations.

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