Application Performance Monitoring

For organizations delivering multiple applications across a network, application performance monitoring is vital to ensuring optimal quality and efficiency within that network. Administrators must keep close watch on applications as they traverse the network and the variety of factors that can influence their performance. Such factors include bandwidth capacity, the total number of network users, application protocols and coding, network attacks that take advantage of application vulnerabilities, and many others.

By implementing a proactive and real-time application performance monitoring solution, organizations can maintain an efficient network and effectively address application delays and ensure that service level agreement (SLAs) with customers, business partners and internal business units are met. A business' application performance monitoring system cannot just measure delays at the end-users' side to determine the root cause of performance degradation in order to determine how to best optimize the network. Today’s application delivery path can span multiple data centers and include a complex WAN, firewalls, load-balancers and multiple server farms and databases. For the maximum application performance optimization, an effective monitoring system should proactively record and measure along multiple points of the physical transaction paths to isolate specific bottlenecks in application delivery and report on them in real-time.

Radware Application Virtualization Solutions

Organizations should be able to analyze traffic and identify network performance degradation in a real-time environment. Radware's application virtualization solutions are part of an accelerated system that will provide businesses with increased application performance monitoring visibility. This results in the ability to pinpoint and isolate the problems occurring on the network and address them on-the-fly by applying traffic redirection or reallocating network resources. This occurs with minimal or no operational impact.

Network Performance Monitoring in Global Business

Many organizations today are disbursed worldwide. Because of this, branch offices and mobile users require access from remote locations. With applications being distributed globally, the process of maintaining a functional and efficient network can be complicated.

With application performance monitoring of these global networks, detailed visibility into application performance and the ability to accurately pinpoint the source of performance degradations in such a complex and distributed environment saves precious time and resources.

Radware Application Performance Monitoring Solutions

When an organization is looking to measure and analyze end-to-end application performance on its network in real-time, Radware's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) module is the answer. With performance metrics from single or multiple touch-points on the application delivery path and proactively monitoring business-critical application performance and SLAs, Radware's APM ensures the highest performance of the network and its applications.

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