The Many Faces of Hackers

Cybercriminals and hackers come in all shapes and sizes. Understand their motivations, skills, and modi operandi to keep your organization secure.

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A Field Guide to Understanding Tactics, Techniques and Attack Vectors Used by Cybercriminals

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As hackers continue to find new ways to wreak havoc, it’s imperative to understand their motivations, skills and modi operandi.    

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The Many Faces of Hackers

This infographic will showcase three examples of the most prevalent threat actors businesses currently face.

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Anatomy of a Cyberattack

The quickest way to lose customers is to betray their confidence, especially when it comes to their personal information. Hackers understand that, too. They quickly adapt tools and techniques to disrupt that delicate balance. Let’s see if you have a healthy security strategy...

Can You Correctly Diagnose the Threats Using the Hints Below?

Made its stunning debut in 2016 with three massive cyberattacks against Brian Krebs, OVH and DynDNS
Stunned the IT industry with volumetric DDoS attacks that exceeded 1Tbps
This botnet was open-sourced, opening the door for dozens of new variants to be created
Unleashed new attack vectors like DNS Water Torture and GRE Floods
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This cyberattack is automated and bot-based
Uses automation tools such as cURL and PhatomJS
Leverages breached usernames and passwords
Its primary goal is to hijack accounts to access sensitive data, but denial of service is another consequence
The financial services industry has been the primary target
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Striving for Cyber Serenity?

Peace in Cyberspace is Optimistic, But Unrealistic.

Our Experts and Researchers Have Some Guidance for How to Stay Safe