DDoS & Application Threat Analysis

DDoS Attack Activity

Distributed denial-of-service attacks seek to impact the availability of key business services and/or infrastructure. Understand which regions and industries experience the highest volumes of DDoS attacks and learn about trends in DDoS attack sizes and volumes.

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Blocked Malicious Events Q1
*per customer


Q1, 2022 vs Q4, 2021

Largest Attack

Q1, 2022

DDoS Events and Volume

An overview of major DDoS attack activity number of events, attack volumes and average attack sizes.

Blocked malicious events

Blocked Malicious Events Per Customer By Quarter
Total Blocked Malicious Events By Year 
*2022 represents year-to-date

Blocked volume (in TB)

Blocked Volume Per Customer By Quarter
Total Blocked Volume Total By Year 
*2022 represents year-to-date

Evolution of average and maximum attack sizes

Attack Sizes Experienced 

Large attack vectors with traffic rates above 10Gbps

Attack vectors above 10Gbps by quarter
Attack vectors above 10Gbps by year
*2022 represents year-to-date

Mid-sized attacks with traffic rates between 1Gbps and 10Gbps

Mid-sized attack vectors by quarter
Mid-sized attack vectors by year
*2022 represents year-to-date

Micro floods with traffic rates below 1Gbps

Attack vectors below 1Gbps by quarter
Attack vectors below 1Gbps by year
*2022 represents year-to-date

DDoS Attacks by Region and Industry

An overview of DDoS attack activity by industry, geographical regions, attack vectors and network intrusions.

Top attacked industries and regions, normalized per customer

Q1 2022 Volume By Industry
Q1 2022 Volume By Region

Attack Vector Characterization

Top attack vectors, by packets per customer

Q1 2022 Top Attack Vectors
Q1 2022 Top Protocols
Q1 2022 Top Targeted Applications
Q1 2022 Top Amplification Vectors
Q1 2022 Top Network Intrusions

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Threat actors adapt tactics to assault the cloud and micro floods and application-layer DDoS attacks run rampant.

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