Network Bandwidth Management

As companies deploy more and more networked applications and services to support day-to-day operations and to stay competitive, IT organizations struggle to stay within budget while ensuring that sufficient communication resources are available to achieve acceptable service performance. To prevent traffic congestion and poor performance within such a complex business network organizations use network bandwidth management to maintain optimal accessibility and utilization of business-critical applications and information.

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Complete Control over the Network

Being able to measure and control network performance within an organization is crucial to a network’s efficiency and its users. It is vital, therefore, that businesses are able to identify the causes of heavy traffic or congestion that occur within their network and control it.

Available bandwidth is a key influencer on networked application performance and speed. While compression and protocol manipulation (e.g. for TCP) can be also shown to provide speed enhancements especially in the case of file-based transmissions, their effectiveness is greatly enhanced by increasing available bandwidth. In some cases, such as streaming applications like voice/video over IP (VoIP), there is no alternative to guaranteeing the necessary bandwidth. When a company needs to address bandwidth concerns that have been causing slow traffic or limited to no access, applying the appropriate bandwidth management solution is essential to remedying the situation. With effective tools, an organization's network bandwidth management tools will give the network operator complete control over network utilization and traffic prioritization.

Radware Network Bandwidth Management Solutions

For organizations looking to optimize their network bandwidth, or even implement an entirely new bandwidth management system, Radware offers effective solutions. Just “throwing more bandwidth at the problem” is an expensive, slow and typically temporary solution at best: “bandwidth hogging” applications quickly eat up the additionally available throughput, leaving the other applications starved for resources like before. Moreover, the hungriest consumers of bandwidth might not be the most critical applications or even legitimate ones at that. Creating the means to control bandwidth consumption for both critical and non-critical applications, so that service levels are met in a cost-effective manner is essential.

Radware’s AppDirector supports a variety of network bandwidth management and traffic-shaping capabilities to enforce Quality of Service (QoS) policies. These rules ensure that all network elements provide the required priority to specific application or user traffic so service level agreements (SLAs) can be met, with latency-sensitive and business-critical applications receiving priority. A diversified set of QoS algorithms guarantees bandwidth allocation for premium users and critical applications, and end-to-end bandwidth management and policy enforcement.

LinkProof, Radware’s multi-WAN switch, enhances and intelligently routes traffic across Internet links, controlling bandwidth throughput to ensure fault-tolerant connections and scalability between headquarters and remote office locations. LinkProof controls how applications utilize bandwidth and connectivity so you can take advantage of varying ISP rate structures, minimizing monthly connectivity costs. Based on user-defined policies, LinkProof controls which applications are prioritized (Quality of Service [QoS]) and which ISP link they are directed over. For questions or more information about our bandwidth management tools, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly. You can also learn more about link load balancering and other forms of performance optimization here today.