VoIP Optimization

In today's global business world, more and more organizations are turning to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to handle communication needs for both voice and video. Transferring data, along with voice and video calls across an IP network provide consolidation of services, which in turn results in significant OPEX/CAPEX savings. Effective VoIP optimization can help maximize response time and provide high-quality sessions for all VoIP connections on a network.

VoIP Optimization Components

When an organization decides to optimize its VoIP service, it needs an intelligent solution that addresses every VoIP/SIP service delivery requirement today's services have. An effective VoIP optimization solution should monitor the health of a VoIP service to provide a high-level of availability and call completion. Transport and protocol conversion, as well as mitigation, should be tended to in order to enhance interoperability. As performance is increased through SIP and VoIP optimization, organizations need to ensure this optimized IP network is protected from potential threats that could leave the entire service inoperable. With correct VoIP optimization methods, security will be provided to detect and prevent attacks before they happen.

As the level of SIP/ VoIP performance increases, carriers and operators of VoIP networks need to maintain that high-level, while allowing for growth. This is why VoIP optimization should also provide the flexibility for future business initiatives. Implementing a VoIP monitoring service that is easy to use and configure, with no scripting or coding, is important to scalability. When an organization's VoIP optimization provides unlimited call capacity, as well as traffic and performance acceleration, future business growth will no longer be a problem to SIP/VoIP services.

The Benefits of SIP/ VoIP Optimization

A SIP/ VoIP optimization solution designed to serve IP network communication requirements, is something VoIP service providers should consider to help customers realize the benefits of VoIP communication. Such benefits include an enhanced user experience through service continuity across all network layers, significant OPEX/CAPEX savings, optimized resource and server allocation, and a signature-based Intrusion Protection System (IPS) to protect against network threats. SIP/ VoIP optimization provides these benefits, as well as many others, to enable the maximized efficiency of IP network communications.

VoIP Performance Optimization from Radware

When VoIP service providers need a way to increase the performance and scalability of an IP communications network, Radware offers the VoIP performance optimization required. Save on cost expenditures, maximize your security, and gain optimal response times to enhance the user experience. Learn about Radware's SIPDirector, our VoIP optimization solutions designed with performance, security and compliance in mind.

For more information on VoIP optimization from Radware, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly answer. Or, view our other application delivery solution for your network.