MSP Attacks

May 29, 2019 03:00 PM

Over the last two years, managed service providers (MSPs) have experienced first-hand the growing trend in supply chain attacks.

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Over the last two years, managed service providers (MSPs) have experienced first-hand the growing trend in supply chain attacks. In April 2017, amid growing tensions between the United States and China, US-CERT issued an alert1 detailing an emerging threat impacting service providers across multiple sectors. In late 2018, a more specific warning2 about advanced persistent threats (APT's) actively targeting MSPs was released, and the first alert was updated two months later following the indictment3 of two Chinese hackers who were associated with the Chinese Ministry of State.

Radware researchers, in parallel with Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), have been monitoring this growing trend targeting MSPs. While this vertical is typically targeted by APTs, several events over the last few months indicate that less sophisticated groups are looking to attack MSPs, thereby exploiting the relationship between MSPs and their clients.

MSPs provide remote management services for their clients’ infrastructure, including the ability to push an update or install applications. Because of this, hackers (both sophisticated and non-sophisticated) are targeting the networks of global MSPs with the goal of maximizing their impact via a trickle-down strategy.  

Corporate Insight

While threat actors are increasingly targeting supply chains, they each bring a different set of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP), as well as objectives to the table. Understanding your company’s exposure could help prevent future attacks. APT's and nation-state hackers typically target MSPs for espionage purposes while organized cybercriminals are looking for any data or Personal Identifiable Information (PII) they can sell or commit fraud with. Even extortionist have been observed launching ransomware campaigns against MSPs.


Implementing the right defensive barriers makes it more difficult for cybercriminals and APTs to gain access and maintain persistence inside your network. For protection against these types of advanced threats, organizations should consider a defense in-depth, defense solution that delivers visibility, resilience, scalability, security, and control to mitigate today's most sophisticated risks for their clients effectively.

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Cybercriminals come in all shapes and sizes. Understanding their motivations, skills and modi operandi is key.

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