DoS Cyber Attack on an European Organization – March 2012 An Exotic Attack: HTTP Fingerprinting

March 20, 2012 02:00 PM


The customer is a religious entity which was targeted by an hacktivist group for its “doctrine” and “concepts”. According to some sources, the attack also appears to have been triggered by a security firm report explaining its ability to protect the customer from DDoS attacks. The attack campaign lasted for three days and comprised of five attack vectors; one of the attack vectors was particularly exotic using a HTTP fingerprinting attack vector.

Attack Vectors

There were four attack vectors in this attack campaign:

  • Attack Vector I: PSH+ACK Garbage Flood port 80
  • Attack Vector II: SYN Flood to port 80
  • Attack Vector III: IP fragment flood to port 80
  • Attack Vector IV: HTTP fingerprinting

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the threat, read the full Attack Report.

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