Radware’s Bot Risk Scanner (BRS)

Exclusive freemium tool for Splunk users to monitor malicious Bot activity.

Bot Risk Scanner (BRS)

Radware's Bot Risk Scanner (BRS) is a freemium tool that can aid Splunk users in identifying and monitoring malicious bot traffic on their application.

Why Bot Risk Scanner

  • BRS is a self-serve tool.
  • Non-intrusive monitoring on logs.
  • View bot insight dashboard on your Splunk portal.
  • Free analysis of up to 2million of your traffic per month.
  • Requires no Integration on data path. Analyse traffic within your infrastructure.

How to enable Radware Bot Risk Scanner?

Web Application Firewall

Step 1: Enable plugin

First, enable the Bot Risk Scanner plugin from Splunk Marketplace and follow the instructions in the integration guide to start using the tool. Within an hour, your logs will be ready for bot analysis.

API Protection

Step 2: Analyzing the logs

Bot Risk Scanner dashboard gives a rich and in-depth analysis of your bot activities. You will be able to view the total requests to your application, bad bot Requests, bad bot requests detected hourly, bad bot IP Count, bot risk score/hour, crawler and aggregator stats, origin of attack instances based on country, city, ISP and domain.

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