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Multinational Bank Requires SSL Offloading and Application Protection to Stay in Business

Read this case study to learn how Radware’s application delivery and load balancing solution and SSL attack mitigation capabilities helped this bank adjust network traffic processing needs on-demand and safeguarded its mission-critical applications.

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Due to a dramatic increase in encrypted traffic, this fi nancial services firm needed to improve its ability to process inbound encrypted traffic to safeguard its applications and enhance the quality of experience for customers.

This financial services company was facing an increased rate of cyberattacks and required a new on-premise DDoS mitigation platform at its primary data centers in addition to protection from encrypted network attacks to protect web applications.

This financial services company was experiencing rapid growth, increased visibility and success. As a result, it became the target of an increasing array of Burst attacks, multi-vector campaigns and ransom-based attacks.

Read this case study to find out how Radware’s DefensePro helped a top five US financial services firm stop nonvolumetric and network attacks and improve network availability without impacting or blocking legitimate users.

Find out how Radware’s application delivery and network security solutions helped this multinational bank reduce its network from 1,300 to 25.