Don’t Let Data Seep Through The Cracks

Secure the Customer Experience

Turn Cybersecurity Into A Competitive Differentiator

The foundation of the customer experience is a mix of security and availability. Customer loyalty, an organization’s brand, and the bottom line takes a hit if either falters.

Why? Customers demand fast network performance, responsive applications and a SECURE world-class experience where their data is protected. Consumers’ sentiments about the safety of their personal information is tied directly to their loyalty and lifetime value. Organizations must use security as a differentiator to build trust and loyalty with customers in an increasingly insecure world. According to Gartner, by 2020 customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Radware secures the customer experience by protecting sensitive data, accelerating application performance, and allowing organizations to create a secure climate for consumers.

Security and Availability of Applications Creates a Strong Customer Experience

Protect Sensitive Data

Rolling out new products and services spreads data across disparate environments. Individually securing these network environments creates gaps that hackers can exploit. C-suite executives know this: 66% percent feel their organization can be breached and 98% are concerned about data privacy. Read “Trends in the Cyberattack Landscape, Security Threats and Business Impacts” to learn more about c-suite perspectives.

Safeguards your customer’s data to solidify their trust with the industry’s most advanced and automated cybersecurity solutions that stop new and emerging threats in real time. Read Tallying The Cost Of A Cyberattack to understand the impact of not safeguarding data.

Build Trust & Improve Loyalty

According to Radware research, "Consumer Sentiments: Cybersecurity, Personal Data and The Impact on Customer Loyalty" And nearly 70% would need to be convinced before conducting business with a trusted brand following a breach.

And customer data is just one target of cyberattacks. Compromised research, product information and market plans can also adversely impact marketplace loyalty. Understanding the The Ultimate Cost of a Cyberattack is critical.

Lower customer churn, retain valued customers and attract new ones that see security as vital by automatically detecting and mitigating attacks before sensitive data is compromised.

Grow Your Business

Assure application availability and security to execute new growth strategies with the technologies (IoT, mobile apps and e-commerce) that drive the digital experience.

To accomplish this requires executives to balance the investment versus risk equation and alter how organizations view cybersecurity. Read Managing Cyber-Risk to understand how.

Deploy new applications, offer security services to existing your existing customer base, and provide customers with a superior quality of experience.

In an increasingly insecure world where security and availability are the cornerstones of the digital consumer, organizations must reevaluate how they balance the investment versus risk equation and alter how and when they implement cybersecurity.

Read The Million-Dollar Question of Cyber-Risk: Invest Now or Pay Later?, our guide that explains how to create a secure environment for customers and, in the process, use security as a competitive differentiator.


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Learn How Leading Organizations

Secured The Customer Experience

As the world's best colocation data center provider, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality cyberattack protection available today... With Radware, we can maintain 100% business continuity for our customers even in the face of a volumetric attack.”

- Chris Donnelly
Executive Vice President of Connectivity at Switch

If security still remains an afterthought, our Customer Loyalty Blog Series recommends a change in approach.

Many organizations are adding new technologies to provide a differentiated customer experience, breaking down functional silos to improve security and plugging security into strategic customer initiatives.