Radware provides fast, resilient and scalable technology products to help your data centers and business systems work smarter. Radware career certifications are solid credentials that validate your competency in leading technology solutions endorsed by world-class industry experts.

Technical Certification: Specialist (Level 1) Track*

Solution Area Product Course ID Duration (Days) Certification Achieved
Network Security DefensePro 300-101/E 3 RCSS
Application Security AppWall 100-101/E 2 RCAScS
Application Delivery Alteon 500-101/E 3 RCAS-AL
Application Delivery AppDirector 400-101/E 3 RCAS-AD
Link Load Balancing LinkProof



* All Specialist-level courses also available via eLearning.

Technical Certification: Expert (Level 2) Track*

Solution Area Product(s) Course ID(s) Prerequisite Duration (Days) Certification Achieved
Network Security DefensePro 300-201ERT RCSS 4 RCSE
Application Security AppWall & DefensePro 100-101 & 300-101 RCAScS or RCSS 2 or 3 RCAMSE
Application Delivery AppDirector 400-201 RCAS-AD 4 RCAE-AD

* Expert-level courses available classroom-style only; eLearning format not offered.

+Color groupings show progression available to advanced designations.

Instruction is in-depth combining structured labs, analysis of real-world scenarios, and troubleshooting and covers product hardware, software, installation, system features, configuration and management. Successful course completion, a passing score on the practical exam, and passing score on the online certification exam are pre-requisites for Level 1 technical certification. Advanced and Master-level certifications are also available.

To become Specialist - certified, candidates must register for & successfully complete:

All other tracks must meet prerequisites & complete certification training. See Course Descriptions for details.

Benefits of Radware Certification

Credentialing is for engineers and sales staff that must sell, design, deploy, use and support business solutions, applications & networks. Through hands-on exploration & analysis, Radware-certified professionals learn to optimize each solution's built-in features to perform effectively in your production environment. Certification provides the required skills and confidence to contribute in key business areas such as:

  • Advanced technical proposals & added sales wins
  • Improved systems integration & product performance
  • Enhanced operational performance & ROI
  • Greater technical expertise to effectively sustain management of your deployments; and
  • Reduced TCO & dependence on third-party support.

Additional benefits include access to continuing education at no additional cost and invitations to exclusive technology webinars available only to certified professionals.

Course Descriptions

Visit Course Descriptions to view pre-requisites, certifications, and more listed by training course.

Professional Conduct and Certification Agreement

We believe that the credibility and reputation of Radware certifications rest on the collective conduct of each certified individual. For this reason, a minimum standard for appropriate behavior is established. Download the Certification Agreement, which describes the expectations, behaviors and conduct required of Radware certified professionals.


Most candidates pass the exams on the first attempt. However, if a retest is needed, candidates may request to retake an exam.

To request to retest a previously unsuccessful online exam, submit the Retest Request Form or contact training@radware.com. Exam processing fees apply.

Certification Expiration

Radware certifications are valid until the Retirement Date of the major software version on the product for which certification was achieved or two years, whichever comes first.

Certification Renewal

To remain active, certifications must be renewed prior to expiration by passing the required training, labs and/or exams. Processing fees apply. To apply for renewal, send an email request to training@radware.com.