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Radware offers instructor-led, online and on-site trainings to suit your specific learning preference, schedule, and budget. Instructor-led and on-site trainings can be customized to meet a business need or you can take standard certification courses leading to technical accreditation.

With your paid tuition, you’ll have access to download soft copies of the course materials, including lab manual. For instructor-led trainings, this material will be provided to you via USB key. Your paid course also includes the first attempt of the technical proctored and online certification exams at no additional charge. Retesting is available, if needed, for an added fee.

To enroll in certification training, visit the Schedules & Registration section of the training center at: From there, you may also download a copy of course agendas, view course descriptions, pricing and more.

Technical certification is achieved by successfully completing the requirements of accreditation, which are:

  • Certification training, includes hands-on lab exercises
  • Passing grade on the proctored exam, and
  • Passing grade on the online certification exam

For instructor-led certification trainings, you can complete the lab exercises and proctored exam with your instructor. Participants who pass the proctored exam receive email instructions within 10 business days to complete the online exam. You will have up to 2 months from the date of your completed technical training to pass the corresponding exams.

For online certification trainings, a dedicated virtual lab allows you to complete the lab exercises in a controlled environment. You’ll need a reservation and will receive email confirmation of same based on dates supplied in your course enrollment. Additional instructions follow thereafter to help guide you through the remaining certification requirements.

For a complete listing of technical accreditations currently available, visit the Certifications section of the training center at:

A soft copy of the accreditation certificate is sent to the email address registered in the training system, usually within 30 days of meeting all certification requirements.

Certification is valid until the Retirement Date of the major software version on the product for which certification was earned or 2 years, whichever is first.

Certification enables recipients to skillfully sell, design, deploy, use and/or support Radware products and solutions. By enabling you to provide higher levels of service and technical mastery than otherwise possible, credentialing demonstrates that you have met the high technology standards set by Radware and are further empowered to contribute directly in key business areas such as customer satisfaction, productivity, and customer loyalty. Credentialing will also entitle you to additional continuing online trainings at no additional cost.

Radware currently uses a non-proprietary training system. To gain access, a unique login is required and created when you sign up for a training event.

Please contact for any questions about access to the training system.

You can change your password from the "My Profile" link in the upper-right hand side of the system screen by clicking the sub-link for "Change My Password."

For changes to the information visible in your profile, send an email to and a training representative will respond to your request.

To host a Radware on-site training, your facility must meet the following requirements:

  •  High speed reliable internet access for remote lab use
  •  Internet connections for student laptops
  •  Technical site contact to test lab connectivity
  •  Projector (1024x768 or better)
  •  White board/markers

In addition, each student must bring their own laptop to complete the hands-on lab exercises.

Contact your Radware Sales Representative at least three weeks in advance to host an on-site training event at your location. You can also submit the Custom Training Request form or send your request by email to

Learn about attendance, cancellation, exams, retesting and more. Download the latest training policies and make the most of your Radware training experience.

For training and certification questions, please contact