Emergency Attack Mitigation Service

Emergency Attack Mitigation Service

One-time Emergency Attack Mitigation Service, allowing mitigating of on-going attacks for new customers, which includes an emergency onboarding to Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection Service in Always-On mode and active DDoS attack mitigation.

Service Description

The Service provides protection against unlimited number of DDoS attacks and attack sizes, subject to the terms detailed below, for a period of up to seven (7) days.

Service will be provided for no more than eight (8) protected networks per each Customer’ s data center, and up to a total of 4Gbps of legitimate traffic.

Since the Service is an emergency service, provided under attack, the Service will be provided on a best-effort basis with no committed SLA and/or KPI’s.

The Service is available only for NEW Radware customers.

Service will start once all the following on-boarding key milestones are completed:

Service registration

Service Registration

The Customer will receive from Radware ERT an on-boarding invitation to Radware’s Cloud Security Services portal. Customer will register the protected assets in Radware’s Cloud Security Services portal, with the assistance of Radware’s ERT team.

Traffic diversion set-up

Traffic Diversion Set-up

For BGP-based traffic diversion: Customer will sign an LOA for BGP diversion, which will be submitted by Radware for the upstream providers for approval. For DNS-based traffic diversion: Customer will change its DNS record to point the traffic to Radware’s scrubbing center.

Tunnel configuration for clean traffic return

Tunnel Configuration for Clean Traffic Return

A GRE tunnel is configured for clean traffic return in the scrubbing center and on the Customer side.

Traffic diversion

Traffic diversion

Traffic is diverted to Radware’s scrubbing center.

Service Fees and Payment Schedule Service Fees are $33,000 USD per each Customer’s data center.
Service Fees are exclusive of any taxes. Customer will pay any sales, value-added or other similar taxes imposed by applicable law on the Services ordered by the Customer, except for taxes based on Radware’s income.
Radware will invoice the Customer upon Service start date with ‘net 30’ payment terms or as agreed upon between Customer and Radware’s authorized channel if not purchased directly from Radware. Payment will be made in USD.
Service fees will be fully deductible from any future purchase of Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection service annual contract if purchased within a period of thirty (30) days from the start date of the Service.

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