NEC Technology Partnership

Joint solution to bring value-added DoS protection as a service for Software Defined Network (SDN)

Enterprise data center IT managers, as well as IT managers in service providers, are moving services into cloud models that rely on virtual data center technologies to significantly reduce their overall costs while improving their business agility. Software Defined Network (SDN) technology removes legacy networking technology limitations while contributing to network abstraction, cost reduction, business agility and dynamic policy management – aligned with server virtualization trends.

In an era where DDoS attacks have become a major threat to online businesses and data centers, Radware and NEC join forces to embed DDoS protection service into SDN technology. The joint solution delivers an original and best of breed DDoS attack protection solution with the following benefits:

  • Fully virtualized, per tenant anti-DoS solution service
  • State-of-the-art, highly accurate attack detection and mitigation within seconds
  • Provisioned as a virtual service per tenant network
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