• DefensePro DDoS Protection and Attack Mitigation

  • What Does DefensePro Do?

    DefensePro, an award-winning, real-time, perimeter attack mitigation device, secures organizations against emerging network and applications threats.

    Part of Radware’s attack mitigation solution, DefensePro protects the infrastructure against network and application downtime (or slow time), application vulnerability exploitation, malware spread, network anomalies, information theft and other types of attacks.

    Radware’s Hybrid Attack Mitigation Solution

    Are you tired of fighting prolonged attack campaigns? Can your organization withstand today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks? With the threat of reduced revenues, higher expenses and damaged reputations, organizations need Radware’s hybrid attack mitigation solution that integrates real time WAF, SSL protection and DDoS protection on-premise with a cloud service that is activated on-demand.

  • What Makes DefensePro Better?

    DefensePro helps organizations win the ongoing security battle against availability attacks by detecting and mitigating known and zero-day DoS/DDoS attacks in real-time. It protects against other security threats that are usually undetected by traditional DDoS mitigation tools such as SSL-based flood attacks, attacks on login pages and attacks behind CDNs.

    Radware attack mitigation solutions stops DDoS attacks and protects our IT infrastructure and end customers without human intervention, thus reducing response time and providing more value to our customers while protecting their mission-critical systems."

    - Josep Sans,
    Telecommunications Mgr, IT, Grifols

  • Dedicated Hardware to Fight Attacks

    DefensePro uses a dedicated hardware platform to prevent high volume DoS attacks and DDoS flood attacks, without impacting legitimate traffic.

    Behavioral-Based Detection for Highest Accuracy

    Based on Radware’s patented behavioral-based detection technology, DefensePro, can accurately detect attacks in a very short timeframe with minimal false positives.

    Automated Zero-Day DDoS Attack Protection

    With a patent-protected real-time signature creation technology, DefensePro can automatically generate protection for zero-day and unknown attacks. Within 18 seconds, DefensePro can detect, characterize, and generate an optimal signature to block unknown attacks with a minimal false-positive rate.

    Smart SSL Attack Mitigation

    Patent-protected SSL attack mitigation solution that protects from all types of encrypted attacks with a reduced-latency solution. Supports asymmetric deployment environments that is crucial in cloud-based deployments such as scrubbing centers, service provides, and multi-homed deployments.

  • High Mitigation Capacity to Support Large Scale Organizations

    Up to 300Gbps of mitigation capacity and 230M PPS while allowing customers to enjoy the widest range of simultaneous cyber-attack protection in the industry. Multi-tenant support for a growing number of customers with increased complexity and capacity.

    Fully Managed for Peace of Mind

    On-premise device management provided by Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT) includes security experts that set up, manage and tune the device to keep it synchronized with business processes and policies.

    Accuracy of Inline and Scalability of Out- of- Path

    DefensePro DDoS protection and DDoS prevention devices can be deployed inline or out-of-path (OOP) in a scrubbing center to provide the highest mitigation accuracy within the shortest time.