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RSA, the Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of security solutions for business acceleration, helping the world's leading organizations succeed by solving their most complex and sensitive security challenges. RSA's information-centric solutions include: identity assurance & access control, data loss prevention, encryption & key management, compliance & security information management and fraud protection. Radware and RSA have joined forces to build a proactive defense at the network layer designed to more efficiently and effectively protect end-users against cybercrime. RSA's FraudAction SM 24 x7 Anti-Phishing and Anti-Trojan Service supplies online threat information, which it immediately identifies, to Radware's DefensePro® real-time Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and DoS protection solution. This powerful combination enables DefensePro to proactively block Trojans, phishing attacks and the spread of malware at the network level using real-time signatures at one location.

Today phishing and Trojan campaigns are commonly terminated within hours after detection. However, in the interim they still manage to collect private user information and pose a variety of risks, including fraud. Standard signature-based solutions rely on periodic signature updates which can make them too slow in reacting to such campaigns. End-users without a real-time prevention solution therefore remain vulnerable to online attacks caused by Trojans and phishing websites. As a result of the joint solution between RSA and Radware, Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), ISPs and any organization that provides security at the network level, will now be able to offer enhanced anti-Trojan and anti-phishing protection at the moment of threat occurrence, enhancing value through to their customers.

Radware and RSA have integrated DefensePro reporting into RSA enVision Security Event Information Management (SEIM) solution, allowing organizations to seamlessly include security events generated by DefensePro in RSA enVision log management solution. This integration enhances efficiency and effectiveness of security operations and risk mitigation; and optimizes IT and network operations. The RSA enVision solution provides automated collection, analysis, alerting, auditing, reporting and storage of IT log data.


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