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After deploying Radwares products, Produban has achieved flexibility, high availability and the capability to grow on demand.

Radware’s AFE provides AccuWeather with the ability to create a fail-safe, redundant network that is scalable and flexible enough to support increases in traffic and expansion of Web-based services while ensuring business continuity

Radware met the required performance criteria and received excellent references from other companies and IT-related publications. Positive experience gained from a pilot project for other Radware product solutions further influenced UCM’s decision.

After assessing several solutions, Trokers selected Radware because it offered a comprehensive solution for the availability and security of the website.

Radware's patented "network proximity" technology ensures business continuity and fast response time by directing Computershare customers to the best performing, available site, no matter where they are globally.

OCTFCU can now provide 99.99% availability and reliability, allowing it to offer its members uninterrupted, swift banking services, comply with industry regulations and remain competitive.