Good Bots. Bad Bots. How Can You Manage Them if you Can’t Tell the Difference?

Radware’s Bot Manager Can.

What Does Radware Bot Manager Do?

Radware Bot Manager is the industry’s most comprehensive protection and mitigation for web applications, mobile applications and APIs from emerging generations of automated threats (bots) targeting applications and systems. This bot mitigation and management solution allows precise bot management across all channels, combining behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis, collective bot intelligence and device fingerprinting. Radware Bot Manager protects from all forms of account takeover, denial of inventory, DDoS, card fraud, web scraping and other OWASP automated threats, and also helps organizations reduce expenses and increase revenue.

Radware Bot Manager: Detect & Mitigate Automated Threats to Take Control of Bot Traffic

26% of the total internet traffic is generated by bad bots. While good bots help accelerate business processes such as data collection and decision making, bad bots target websites, mobile apps and APIs to steal data and disrupt service. Unfortunately, 79% of organizations cannot distinguish between good and bad bots. The business impact of this is broad and so is the technical challenge. This video explains how Radware’s Bot Manager solution helps businesses detect, classify and remediate malicious bot activity. Watch this video to learn how to keep your organization secure, and in control of bot traffic with Bot Manager.

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The Big Bad Bot Problem 2020

Radware’s annual bot management report identifies trends in the automated attack landscape and the impact that malicious bots are having on businesses across various industries

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Bot Management Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Bot Management

This e-book provides an overview of evolving bot threats, outlines options for bot mitigation and detection and offers a concise buyer’s guide to help evaluate potential bot management solutions.

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What Makes Radware Bot Manager Better?

Intent-Based Deep Behavioral
Analysis (IDBA)

Proprietary semi-supervised machine-learning models to identify the intent of bots with the highest precision

Read IDBA: A Proprietary Bot Detection Technology white paper

Full Coverage of OWASP Automated Threats

Protect from all forms of account takeover, denial of inventory, DDoS card fraud, and web scraping

Read Top Automated Bot Threats to Applications and How To Stop Them

Secure all Channels: Web & Mobile Apps, APIs

Bots target various digital assets and sophisticated ones are designed to hit multiple ones. Radware’s Bot Manager solution covers them all

Non-Intrusive Approach

Detect and block highly sophisticated human-like bots in real time using APIs or an out-of-path mode, no impact to technology stack

Good Bots vs. Bad Bots, And Their Impact On Your Business

Radware’s Bad Bot Analyzer Will Help You Understand the Negative Impact of Bots on Your Website.

Bot Manager

Ability to Handle Bot Traffic in Multiple Ways

Enables custom actions based on bot signatures/ types – e.g. feeding false pricing and product information to competitors’ bots. Bot Manager uses CAPTCHA for suspected bots, leveraging responses in a closed-loop feedback system to minimize false positives.

Transparent Reporting and Comprehensive Analytics

Comprehensive analytics of non-human traffic – including granular classification of different types of bots such as search engine crawlers and malicious bots - which enables efficient management of non-human traffic. Reports are provided with modularity and transparency which is particularly useful for automated threats such as digital ad fraud. Radware's Bot Manager solution can be seamlessly integrated with leading analytics platforms including Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Easy Integration

Flexible deployment in minutes with options to choose from, including integrating our JS tag, cloud connectors, or web server plugin. Alternately, a virtual appliance is also available for the entire web application or selected sections.

No DNS Redirection

Using an API-based approach to protect web assets, the bot management solution doesn’t require DNS redirection, thus allowing complete control over web applications, mobile apps, and APIs.

Accuracy and Scalability

IDBA filters highly sophisticated human-like bots without causing false positives. Website functionality and user experience remain intact. Leverages cutting-edge technologies to maintain high scalability during peaks.

Fully Managed Service

Bot Manager is also available as a security service integrated with Radware’s Cloud WAF, for 360° application protection.

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