Data Center Optimization

Organizations that implement a data center optimization solution may deploy multiple IT initiatives, such as server consolidation, virtualization and service oriented architecture (SOA) in an effort to optimize IT resources and achieve business goals. With the efficient management and proper accessibility of information as well as an effective application infrastructure, an organization can gain business agility in today's global market. Benefits of data center optimization include meeting regulatory requirements, the ability to deliver global business applications, cost savings, and the flexibility for future growth.

Server Consolidation

One of the main components of data center optimization is the process of server consolidation. As business initiatives and services change and expand, servers may not be fully utilized, resulting in the expenditure of more resources than required by their workload. Data center optimization, through the consolidation of physical equipment, can help reduce the number of servers or server locations an organization needs. . This will result in increased application availability, end-to-end performance monitoring, application optimization and the ability to accommodate dynamically changing technology requirements. Data center optimization helps organizations align strategic IT infrastructure investments with business imperatives for increased efficiency and productivity.

Server Virtualization

The virtualization of separate operating systems onto one server can help an organization's workforce access business-critical information and applications from a centralized location. With the ability to effectively deploy the functionality of multiple operating systems from the same server, organizations will be able to reduce the amount of physical equipment used, and cut the costs associated with maintaining those under-utilized servers. This component of data center optimization also provides end-users with the ability to utilize applications from different operating systems while accessing them from a single machine.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

The goal of a service oriented architecture (SOA) is to make application components reusable and interchangeable between the various business processes that they support. While the deployment of SOA lets enterprises reuse existing components to preserve capital expenditures and make the business more flexible, maintaining the sequencing and management of iterative transactions is cumbersome. SOA transactions involve multiple services which represent the coupling of different operating systems, programming languages, and technologies underlying the application environment. From a network point of view, implementing SOA means a significant increase in the number of connections and more application to application interaction to complete transactions. This requires higher data center capacity and availability to ensure service level agreements (SLA) are met and also creates more points of exposure along the transaction path.

Radware Data Center Optimization Solutions

If your organization is looking for a way to increase business agility and operational efficiency through data center optimization, Radware offers multiple application delivery solutions that can easily support your IT initiatives.

Data Center Consolidation: Radware’s on demand application delivery platform facilitates data center consolidation efforts by: 1) helping maximize server capacity utilization through granular traffic classification and routing; acceleration services; bandwidth management and traffic shaping; and integrated behavioral security, and 2) by minimizing hardware upgrades for application delivery devices. This reduces downtimes due to infrastructure change, lowers IT projects and labor costs associated with forklift upgrades and minimizes the risk of production downtimes.

Virtualization:Radware’s application delivery devices, seamlessly integrate into virtual server environments, regardless of the virtualization technology in use in order to transform a virtual server environment into a real application virtualization environment. By maintaining session persistency, a user transaction starting on one virtual machine will continue being served by the same virtual machine. This enables further cost savings as well as flexibility and ease of data center consolidation.

Service oriented architecture (SOA):Though there are numerous benefits, SOA also presents management, performance and security challenges. Radware’s application delivery devices ease these burdens by offsetting the complexity, performance degradation and risks typically introduced by chatty protocols such as XML, which underpin this highly-distributed type of architecture.

Radware’s Application Delivery suite includes:

  • AppDirector:This intelligent application delivery controller (ADC) for the data center enables high local and global server availability, optimized application performance, application security and infrastructure scalability.
  • AppXcel:This application accelerator features Web compression, secure socket layer (SSL) offloading, HTTP multiplexing, TCP optimization, image optimization, caching and Web firewall capabilities for the fastest application and transaction response times and security
  • AppXML: This comprehensive XML gateway is designed specifically to help customers tackle the performance and security challenges of deploying web services and service oriented architectures (SOA)
  • LinkProof: This multi-WAN switch offers reliable, fast connectivity with enterprise multi-homing and WAN optimization functionality to provide global access to critical applications hosted in the data center.
  • Alteon: Alteon provides advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities needed to effectively meet challenges of application deployment and application delivery in today’s data centers.
  • ADC-VX: ADC-VX™ is the industry's first Application Delivery Controller (ADC) hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on a dedicated ADC hardware, Radware's OnDemand Switch platforms.

For questions or more information about our data center optimization, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly.