• AppXML ― XML and Web Services Gateway

  • What Does AppXML Do?

    AppXML is a comprehensive web service gateway for enhancing service oriented architecture (SOA) deployments. It improves the speed of document processing and secures XML-based communications, functioning as a trusted intermediary for exchanging secure Web services between your enterprise and business partners.

    It offers administration and reporting capabilities needed to manage web service gateway deployment including policy management, status monitoring, alerts, logs and reporting activities.

  • What Makes AppXML Better?

    By adding a layer of infrastructure between the network layers and applications, it simplifies, secures and accelerates XML and web service gateway security deployments, helping you achieve a higher ROI. AppXML highlights include the following:

    Enhanced Performance

    Improves the speed of XML document processing and secure XML-based communications by offloading tasks to dedicated hardware.

    Critical Web Services Security

    Business-level protection from both unintended and malicious attacks without modifying web services or altering and rewriting applications.

  • Comprehensive Management and Regulatory Compliance

    Rich, graphical reporting that meets security, compliance (HIPPA, SOX) and content delivery concerns for a complete management of a web services security gateway deployment.

    High Availability with Real-Time Failure Bypassing

    Extensive health monitoring capabilities that enable real-time identification of faulty services and automatic switching to a functional AppXML in the farm.

    Seamless Deployment and Integration

    Transparently activated to expand the functionality of Radware’s application delivery solutions without making network architecture, router or server changes.

    Industry Specific Solutions

    Including government compliance, secure electronic forms, secure partner integration and collaboration, electronic notary, evidence repository, and service oriented architectures (SOA).

  • Resources

    Data Sheet: AppXML 
    AppXML allows enterprises to integrate business processes and IT systems with open, standard-based specifications and provides the foundational infrastructure enabling secure, high-performance XML and web service communications for applications.
    White Paper: Best Practices in Deploying SOA Gateway  
    Present best practices and common deployment scenarios for SOA Gateways, and explain why they are an essential component of a secure, robust and scalable SOA deployment.