Choosing Security Solutions for your Network

There are plenty of network and application security options on the market today, and it’s important that you consider the following features in your attack mitigation make sure your network is protected from attacks.

Attack Mitigation Features Your Network Needs

  1. Anti-DDoS, NBA, with your selected intrusion prevention system – It's critical that your network be protected from the latest DoS and DDoS attack types for both your network and applications, since these attacks are becoming both increasingly complex and frequent. The intrusion prevention system (IPS) in place on your site should utilize network behavioral analysis (NBA) in order to recognize irregular traffic flow and other signs of an attack.

    DefensePro from Radware offers all of these features in order to best protect sites from malicious attacks.

  2. Web application firewall – This feature examines the request from a web client to a web server. Firewalls also offer protection for sensitive information contained on servers that sites want to keep secured from outside sources.

    AppWall from Radware is the WAF that secures networks and applications supported in Radware's AMS.

  3. Advanced Security Event Information Management (SEIM) – This allows administrators monitoring the network to receive real-time information and insights into potential attacks. It's also important that the SEIM utilized by a network allow for custom reporting and other essential features.

    Radware's Apsolute Vision allows IT administrators to keep a close eye on the state of the network. It accompanies the security solution with an enterprise-wide view of SEIM and compliance platform.

Find the Right Security Solution for your Network with Radware

Radware's AMS allows you to provide elite-level security for your network and applications. Learn more about our attack mitigation system.