Wireless VoIP Security

Wireless Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), or voice communications through a wireless Internet connection or network, is a service that many of today's organization utilize for the convenience it provides. This service can help businesses with under-utilized network capacity save costs by using that network to handle both voice and data transmissions. VoIP can also provide scalable call capacity and traffic acceleration. While VoIP provides many benefits, securing the transmission of business-critical voice data across an Internet connection or network is important. An effective wireless VoIP security solution should provide comprehensive detection and prevention coverage.

When assessing the performance of VoIP network security, the most dangerous threat an enterprise's system can suffer are attacks that degraded voice quality. When the clarity of a VoIP user's voice is unintelligible, the service is rendered useless. Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are the easiest way for attacks to degrade the voice quality of a VoIP service. Protecting the infrastructure of an organization's wireless VoIP network against these and other attacks means introducing a wireless VoIP security solution that provides complete network protection. Utilizing a three-layered detection and preventative approach, businesses can protect their infrastructure against network, transport and application threats.

VoIP Network Security

When implementing a wireless VoIP security strategy, an organization needs to guard against the entire VoIP network. This type of communication service utilizes both control and content channels, and relies on the individual health of each channel to function. When the vulnerabilities of either channel are exploited, the entire VoIP service can lose functionality. Proper VoIP network security can protect against these channel threats, as well as protect against malicious voice degradation, the intrusion of network services facilitated by IP telephony implementation, and the non-authorized or fraudulent utilization of IP telephony equipment. Combining a wireless VoIP security solution with native IP telephony features and standard network security measures can help an organization protect its network against server disruptions and security breaches that lead to costly reactive procedures.

Radware Wireless VoIP Security Solutions

For optimized security coverage of your organization's VoIP communication services, Radware offers wireless VoIP security solutions that provide complete network protection. With DefensePro, our business-smart comprehensive intrusion protection solution, businesses can detect and prevent potential threats to its VoIP network. Utilizing a multi-layered risk mitigation strategy, DefensePro provides wireless VoIP security against:

  • Network threats such as zero-day flood attacks, causing voice degradation
  • Transport attacks that exploit the vulnerability of the TCP/IP stack of VoIP servers
  • Application threats such as SIP resource exploitation and service application flooding

For questions or more information on our wireless VoIP security solutions, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly.