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    Add industrial robots to the list of internet-connected devices vulnerable to hackers

    If you thought getting your smart, internet-connected TV hacked was bad, wait until a production line of big robots gets hacked.

    Virtual Case Notes: BrickerBot—Destroying Your Devices for The Good of The Internet

    Cybercriminals hack and infect the devices of others for a wide variety of reasons—for attention, for amusement, for monetary gain, etc. But what if a hacker not only hacked and infected your devices, but completely destroyed them—and then claimed it was for your own good?

    There's a big Google Docs email scam going around. Here's what to do if you received it.

    Many people — namely individuals in media — are reporting that they've received emails that appear to be sent from someone they know, addressed to "hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com" with a link to a Google Doc and the recipients blocked, according to Motherboard. If you received a similar suspicious email, someone you know has been been phished, my friend!

    A vigilante is putting a huge amount of work into infecting IoT devices

    When it comes to features and robustness, Hajime surpasses its blackhat rivals.

    A mysterious botnet has hijacked 300,000 devices, but nobody knows why

    Researchers know what the botnet is capable of — but they don't seem to know what it'll actually do.

    Nastier version of IoT botnet could brick your smart toaster

    Two new versions of a nasty botnet called BrickerBot were spotted in the wild by researcher Pascal Geenens, who reported the latest attack for security firm Radware. Permanent denial-of-service botnets like these can infect poorly-protected IoT devices like smart toasters and web-enabled vibrators to bring down various connected web servers.

    Beware BrickerBot, the IoT Killer

    IoT security (or the lack thereof) seems to pop up in the news a lot these days. Our Embedded Revolution reader survey and whitepaper highlights what developers think about this topic.