• Alteon NG Features and Benefits

    Application Delivery Networking and SSL Offloading

    Alteon NG enables application delivery networking by providing safe and efficient distribution of business-critical applications across your company's network. Alteon NG is well suited for environments with growing SSL offloading needs.

    Separate vADC per Application/Service

    Smart Health Monitoring and Failure Detection

    Stateful Persistency

    Application Modification Services

    Device Redundancy: Active-Active, Active-Backup or Active-Standby

    Real-Time Traffic Redirection

    Global Load Balancing
    Faster Web Application Response Time

    Optimized IT Infrastructure Through Server Offloading

    Bandwidth Management and Traffic-Shaping Capabilities
    Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

    ADC Infrastructure and Application Visibility
    Unique Attack Mitigation Architecture

    A DoS Based Signature Technology

    Best Application Security Protection Solution

    Safer, simpler application access security through Alteon's integrated Authentication Gateway
    Breakthrough Performance

    On-Demand Throughput and Service Scalability

    Best Investment Protection

    Operational Simplicity and Manageability

    Layer 4-7 Programmability