• DDoS Attack Defense Provided by our Emergency Response Team

  • What Does the Emergency Response Team Do?

    Radware's Emergency Response Team (ERT) is an emergency DDoS service that can stop DDoS attacks fast. This unique DDoS service is designed to provide 24x7 security services for customers facing a denial-of-service (DoS) or a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack or a malware outbreak. Often, these attacks require immediate assistance and specialized DDoS prevention techniques.

    The ERT will provide instantaneous, expert security assistance and DDoS attack defense techniques in order to stop all DDoS attacks threatening your organization and restore network and service operational status. The ERT is staffed by DDoS protection service experts that have vast knowledge and experience with network threats, detection and mitigation, and in-depth experience of the AMS family of products. In addition, the ERT learns from each customer engagement and simulates the same scenario internally for further analysis and proactive implementation of DDoS attack defense and DDoS prevention techniques for other customers that may face a similar security threat making this a unique and valuable DDoS service.

    ERT Customer Story

    Seat Pagine Gialle thwarted a massive server attack within minutes with Radware's DefensePro and Emergency Response Team.

  • What Makes the Emergency Response Team Better?

    Other vendors' "emergency response" DDoS services only offer the ability to go directly to a self-service knowledge portal for information gathering and potential resolution. There is no immediate, proactive, hands-on participation by security and product experts to mitigate the active DDoS threat or attack. Other market DDoS services only offer pre-installation or infrastructure design professional services.

    These DDoS services are delivered already through Radware's extensive partner network or in special cases by its security engineering or technical support teams. This is truly a "plug-in" emergency DDoS attack defense service with dedicated specialists that can respond in real-time to protect and stop DDoS attacks against your organization.

    The ERT greatly enhances the customer experience, as many businesses lack the ability, time, or experience necessary to identify and mitigate DDoS threats quickly."

    - Frost & Sullivan

  • Emergency Response Team Support Program Details

    Our ERT DDoS service is offered through Certainty Support Program. Response levels are associated with the following specific levels of support:

    Threat type Support level required
    DoS attack (floods) 3-5
    Malware outbreak 3-5