• Alteon Solution Brochure
      Alteon, Radware’s next-generation ADC is designed from the ground up to ensure predictable application SLA at all times. It cost –effectively addresses emerging IT challenges that enterprises face daily.

    • ADC-VX on Alteon NG
      ADC-VX is the industry’s first application delivery controller (ADC) hypervisor that runs multiple virtual ADC instances on Radware’s OnDemand Switch platforms. It is designed from the ground up to help organizations consolidate ADC hardware devices without compromising resiliency or performance predictability of ADC services.

    • Application Delivery Solution Brochure
      There are many application delivery challenges that businesses face. Find out why Radware’s application delivery solution delivers a future-proof, application-aware approach for deploying and managing applications, guaranteeing availability, performance and security. Find features and business benefits, each solution’s key components, the benefits of Radware’s “pay-as-you-grow” approach, and other elements of Radware’s ADC solutions. Read more about why Radware’s ADC solutions meet today’s application delivery challenges.

    • Deploying Alteon NG with Citrix XenDesktop
      This document contains best practice information about the setup, configuration, and customization of Alteon NG Application Delivery Controller (ADC) with Citrix XenDesktop.

    • Alteon VA installed on VMware using Cisco UCS Servers Solution Guide
      By combining the ADC virtualization Radware solutions using Alteon VA and VMware’s server virtualization solutions, customers can extract even more benefits from their virtualized IT infrastructure: higher server consolidation ratios, automated management, faster application performance, and tighter security.

    • Alteon NFV on Cisco UCS Servers
      The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) is a next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, storage access, and virtualization into a cohesive system designed to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and increase business agility.

    • Optimizing the Delivery of PeopleSoft v.9.2
      Radware’s Alteon ADC provides maximum availability, scalability and performance to Oracle PeopleSoft 9.2 customers. It offloads resource intensive processing, provides advanced health monitoring and helps in avoiding system down time to deliver a best-of-breed subsystem. By offering a unique pay-as-you-grow platform licensing model, Alteon ADC ensures long-term investment protection facilitating incremental growth demanded by today’s businesses.

    • Alteon Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Optimizing the Delivery of Microsoft Lync 2013
      Radware‟s Alteon Application Delivery Controller (ADC) guarantees Lync Server maximum availability, scalability and performance. Managing traffic for both the Web Service content and SIP-based unified communication services, Alteon ADC provides advanced health monitoring to avoid system down time, and advanced traffic management to deliver a best-of-breed subsystem.

    • Alteon Application Switch and Microsoft SharePoint 2013
      The Radware Alteon Application Switch delivers a complete set of high availability and acceleration features that are dynamically allocated without altering your network configuration. Alteon’s unique OnDemand architecture accommodates the future growth requirements of the Microsoft SharePoint 2013 solution, typically for large and medium sized enterprises, while offering cost-effective scalability and full protection of existing investments.

    • Transparent Recorder Load Balancing
      Radware will supply Verint with a load balancing application that enables high-capacity audio recording. The application will replace Verint’s current load balancing solution. The appliance will be based on Radware’s Alteon Application Switch technology, adapted to Verint’s specific requirements

    • Alteon Application Switch optimizing the delivery of VMware Zimbra 7.2 servers
      The Radware Alteon Application Switch and VMware Zimbra joint solution provides a highly-scalable and highly-available unified messaging and communication infrastructure with the fastest response time. By deploying these two best-of-breed subsystems, end users benefit from a significantly improved Quality of Experience.

    • Alteon Application Switch optimizing the delivery of VMware View 5.1
      Radware’s Alteon ADC solution provides advanced and comprehensive application delivery capabilities needed to effectively meet the challenges of application deployment and application delivery in today’s data centers. This guide presents a standardized integration solution in which Radware’s load balancing and acceleration product, Alteon, is set up in front of a VMware View environment to ensure its availability and performance in order to meet SLA and QoE requirements.

    • Alteon Application Switch (AAS) optimizing the delivery of Oracle Weblogic 12c
      Radware Application Delivery Solutions for WebLogic Application Server Radware's application delivery (ADC) solutions provide WebLogic Application Server customer with stateful application traffic classification and distribution to effectively ensure optimal business operation through eliminating service downtime and increase performance. In addition, Radware's ADC solutions provide load and client proximity information which enhances the scalability and availability of BEA applications over WAN, MAN or LAN infrastructures.

    • Alteon Application Switch And Oracle SOA Suite 11g Integration Guide
      The Alteon and Oracle SOA Suite 11g Release 1 joint solution ensures Oracle SOA Suite customers‟ solution resilience, efficiency and scale. Radware-Alteon Application Switch guarantees SOA Suite applications‟ services maximum availability, scalability, performance and security. Alteon Application Switch provides advanced health monitoring that quickly identifies service failure to avoid system down time, and advanced traffic management to deliver a best of breed subsystem.

    • Alteon Application Switch And Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Integration Guide
      The Radware Alteon Application Switch delivers a complete set of availability, acceleration and security services that are dynamically allocated based on user demand without altering network configuration or adding devices. This unique architecture accommodates the future growth requirements of the Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 solution which are typical for large and medium sized enterprises, while offering cost-effective scalability and full protection of existing investments.

    • The Expanding Role and Importance of Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs)
      The Enterprise Strategy Group and Radware recently conducted a collaborative research project that focused on the current utilization and future strategies of application delivery controllers (ADCs). Read this new research from ESG as they reveal how the role of ADCs has expanded well beyond the historical perception of hardware-based load balancers.

    • Meeting the Application SLA Challenge
      As IT focuses more on application delivery, end users expect the same quality of experience. Organizations must be able to deliver applications with consistency and have the tools to monitor and manage application SLAs.

    • vCloud Solution Brief
      Radware’s Alteon integrally provides advanced load balancing and application delivery services for VMware private cloud applications.

    • Radware ADC Solution for Oracle PeopleSoft
      This unique architecture accommodates the future growth requirements from the Oracle PeopleSoft applications which is typical to large and medium sized enterprises, while offering cost-effective scalability and full protection of existing investments.

    • Alteon ADC for IBM SmartCloud Enterprise
      Radware’s Alteon virtual appliance (VA) for iBM SmartCloud enterprise is a fully functional application delivery controller (ADC) solution packaged as a virtual appliance fully certified for IBM Smartcloud Enterprise Environments

    • Radware VMWare Zimbra Solution Brief
      Radware ADC provides high-availability, scalability & improved performance to VMware Zimbra post-PC email, calendar & collaboration solution. It accelerates application response time, increases server utilization & helps eliminate system down time.

    • Radware ADC and Oracle SOA Suite 11g
      Radware's certified application delivery solution for Oracle SOA Suite 11g ensures high availability, improves application performance and enables higher user productivity while significantly reducing TCO.

    • Fastest Website Acceleration for New HTTP Protocol with Alteon and Advanced HTTP2 Gateway
      Radware’s FastView module, the most advanced WPO engine in the market, can now leverage the embedded HTTP/2 gateway and provides acceleration of up to 40% beyond the protocol’s baseline offering. It is with FastView for HTTP/2 - the combination of HTTP/2 and WPO on the ADC – that organizations can deliver applications to their clients and provide a fast browser experience experience.

    • Integrating Security and Application Delivery Services in a Software-Defined Data Center Environment
      The software-defined data center(SDDC) allows organizations to strike a balance between agility and scalability while lowering TCO.  A key is application delivery and security services, which are an essential part of the SDDC ecosystem. This whitepaper outlines how these services allow organizations to deploy new applications and their associated policies in a fully managed and automated fashion.

    • Improve Online Business Performance with FastView Web Acceleration
      This whitepaper includes a brief overview of the performance challenges of modern web applications and the common and current approaches used to address them. The paper also describes Radware’s FastView proprietary web performance optimization technology drilling down into its architecture and methodology.

    • Remove Blind Spots with Radware's SSL Traffic Inspection Solution
      Security and network administrators need scalable solutions that provide visibility into threats that may hide SSL sessions. Radware's SSL traffic inspection solution combines a patent protected technology for SSL/TLS traffic inspection with transparent and non-transparent traffic steering and load balancing technologies. Read this whitepaper for additional benefits this one box solution offers.  

    • Application Delivery Solution
      Ensure Availability, Performance and Security of Mission-critical Applications in the Physical and Virtual Data Center - Whitepaper

    Advanced Global Load Balancing & Integrated Security for Yes Satellite
    Yes Satellite deploys Radware's advanced global load balancing, and integrated security products - with centralized management monitoring - to deliver over the top content (OTT) to customers. The "pay-as-you-grow" scalability provides a cost-effective solution that's easy to upgrade with no downtime.
    Application Delivery & Load Balancing for the Next Generation: Alteon NG
    Alteon NG, a next-generation application delivery controller is designed to ensure application SLA. Comprised of four different components, Radware’s Alteon NG provides application SLA assurance with complete fault isolation. Application Performance Monitoring (APM) delivers real-time monitoring and proactive SLA management, while FastView delivers a web performance optimization solution for application acceleration and front end optimization.
    Impact of Application Delivery on IT Services
    Find out why we need ADC as a service and security as a service in order to facilitate migration, elasticity, security and structure for customers.
    Next Generation Application Delivery: Dedicated ADC vs Shared ADC
    Traditional application delivery approaches rely on either a dedicated (one application per physical ADC) or shared (many to one) models. Both models have limitations in meeting today's application networking needs.
    NFV-Based Solutions for Carrier Networks
    Radware’s NFV solutions for carriers leverages open environments to create unique value for carriers by improving innovation cycle time, creating agility for real time service delivery and reducing overall operating and capital costs.
    Virtualization & Application Delivery
    CEO Roy Zisapel outlines the benefits of leveraging the concept of a virtual ADC (vADC).