• Load Balancing and Application Delivery as a Service

    Alteon LBaaS for Service Providers

    Radware offers cloud and hosting providers a solution leveraging Radware Virtual Appliction Delivery Infrastructure (VADI), a unified ADC fabric, consisting of multiple ADC form factors on which ADC services can easily be migrated across form factors and deployment models.

    In turn application delivery can be offered at different levels of service: providers can offer shared load balancing services solving customer basic needs at a best-effort basis, offer customer managed virtual ADC instances running over general purpose hardware, and ultimately offer dedicated virtual ADC instances running over purpose built hardware delivering the highest quality of experience and predictability.

    Radware's ADC-VX solution enables us to virtualize our environment so that it is compatible with our service-oriented architecture strategy. Our customers gain the cloud computing services they require, with a solid QoE; and we gain the flexibility to easily and cost-effectively add new services and customers. I'd say this is a winner on every count!" - Mohamed Ourdane, Head of Server and Security at P&TLuxembourg

    Alteon LBaaS for VMware vCloud Director and Openstack

    Radware's Alteon provides advanced load balancing as a service (LBaaS) for VMware vCloud Director and Openstack, with out-of-the-box integration and customization.

    Alteon, fully integrated into the VMware vCloud framework, allows enterprises to migrate existing enterprise applications into VMware vCD infrastructure, increasing the value of their vCD investment. Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA), a key component of the Alteon LBaaS Solution significantly expands VMware vShield Edge basic load balancing functionality to offer advanced application delivery services such as SSL offloading, URI-based traffic steering, L7 policies and advanced health checks. The solution is based on dedicated, per-tenant virtual appliance instances ensuring that tenants are not impacted by each other and that each has its dedicated capacity and networking resources.

    Additionally, as of the release of OpenStack Havana, Alteon provides load balancing as a built in OpenStack service (the only commercial load balancing solution natively supported in OpenStack Havana) which is part of the OpenStack Neutron networking driver. By leveraging the Alteon LBaaS solution for OpenStack, enterprises can enjoy the flexibility to deploy enterprise applications on any cloud infrastructure while enjoying a consistent QoE and maintaining SLA assurance for their applications.

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