Reasons for, and Advantages of, the On-Premises Data Center and Private Cloud

Cloud software and services are more popular than ever. The latest statistics reveal that around 50% of corporate data is already kept and managed in the cloud. Moreover, it is expected that by 2025 half of all world data will be in the public cloud, amounting to about 100 zettabytes. However, for many companies, on-premises data centers and on-premises private cloud remain a better choice.

Real-world Insights — Why Customers are Moving from On-Premises WAFs to Cloud-Based WAFs

In today’s world, web applications are a critical component of business operations. However, they are also a prime target for cyber-attacks. To protect against these threats, many organizations have implemented web application firewalls (WAFs). While on-premises WAF solutions were once the go-to option, cloud-based WAFs have become increasingly popular.

3 Reasons Your Public Cloud Provider Won’t Protect You From A DDoS Attack

The use of public clouds, whether by a very small company or a large enterprise, is more popular now than ever. Its popularity is due to the scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness public cloud providers deliver. However, it is exactly this popularity that has led them to become attractive targets for cybercriminals looking to launch DDoS attacks.

Cisco adds Cloud DDoS Protection to Enterprise Agreement, Expanding Strategic Partnership with Radware

Radware and Cisco have expanded their partnership with an announcement that is good news for Cisco’s customers and bad news for DDoS threat actors. Cisco, the worldwide leader in technology that powers the internet, has added Cisco® Secure Cloud DDoS Protection, powered by Radware, to the Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Radware’s New Partners Program Focuses on Cloud Business and Accelerates Incentives

A partner program is measured by how beneficial it is for both parties. Beneficial is the perfect word to describe Radware’s upgraded, greatly enhanced partner program. To ensure Radware continues to surpass competitors’ partner programs, we have revamped ours with a focus on cloud business. Also, we added many attractive benefits for partners committed to […]

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