Cybersecurity & Customer Experience: Embrace Technology and Change To Earn A Customer’s Loyalty

Consumers demand a secure, world-class experience, but when organizations deploy new applications and services to deliver that experience, customer data is put at risk. If forward-thinking organizations are using security as a competitive differentiator to build loyalty with customers, how are executives expected to accomplish this facing new security threats, tight budgets, a shortfall in […]

Cybersecurity & The Customer Experience: The Perfect Combination

Organizations have long embraced the customer experience and declared it a competitive differentiator. Many executives are quick to focus on the benefits of a loyal-centric strategy and companies now go to great lengths to communicate their organization’s customer centricity to retain existing customers and attract new ones. But where is cybersecurity in this discussion?

Real-world Insights — Why Customers are Moving from On-Premises WAFs to Cloud-Based WAFs

In today’s world, web applications are a critical component of business operations. However, they are also a prime target for cyber-attacks. To protect against these threats, many organizations have implemented web application firewalls (WAFs). While on-premises WAF solutions were once the go-to option, cloud-based WAFs have become increasingly popular.

5 Key Elements That Enhance the User Experience (UX) in Security Products

The user experience (UX) is a critical aspect of product design that often gets overlooked in the security industry. In an era when cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, it is essential for security products to have a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to understand and operate.

4 Reasons Why Application Security is a Dedicated Discipline Within Cybersecurity

As web applications become the core of business functions, application protection takes an ever more important role in protecting those applications, their availability and the customer data that is processed through them.

However, as its importance grows, the domain of application security is also growing in depth and complexity, with a unique set of attacks, tools and mechanisms for mitigation attacks. As a consequence, it is becoming a dedicated discipline within cybersecurity, distinct from other domains or specializations.

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