Securing On-Premises Apps in a Cloud-First World: The SecurePath Advantage

In today’s dynamic business landscape, as organizations increasingly migrate their applications and workloads to the cloud, some still maintain on-premises or private cloud deployments. However, securing these applications can pose significant challenges.

Traditional on-premises application security tools are often outdated, demanding in-house security expertise to operate effectively and struggle to keep pace with the rapid evolution of cyber threats. Moreover, their efficacy is limited to the available compute resources within the appliance, which can limit the implementation of advanced security measures.

Meanwhile, cloud-based application security offers a promise of robust protection. Yet, it often demands sharing of private SSL keys and diverting traffic through the cloud. This can introduce latency and raise legitimate security concerns.

So, how can you enjoy the advantages of cloud application security while retaining an on-premises application deployment? Radware has a compelling solution.

Radware SecurePath™ is as an API-based, industry-leading cloud application security solution designed for your on-premises Alteon ADC, allowing consistent protection across any cloud environment, including hybrid deployments. In this blog, we will explore seven key benefits of adopting SecurePath™ for your on-premises application security.

Comprehensive, High-Grade Application Protection: SecurePath offers state-of-the-art application protection, encompassing a comprehensive range of security features such as application firewall (WAF), API protection, Bot Protection, L7 DDoS Protection, ERT (Emergency Response Team) active attacker feed, and more. Its unique positive security model and machine-learning analysis engine provide defense against all application attack vectors, including zero-day attacks.

Consistent Security Across Platforms: Maintaining high-grade, consistent application protection across various deployment environments in a hybrid setup can be challenging. Radware’s application security architecture can be deployed either as an “inline” SaaS service or an API-based, out-of-path SaaS service. This unique deployment model ensures consistent security, logging, and management across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud environments.

No Routing Changes: SecurePath operates as an API-based, out-of-path solution, enabling application requests to reach the application server without interruptions. This architecture eliminates the need for routing changes, simplifying deployment, and reducing latency.

No SSL Certificate Sharing: SecurePath does not require the sharing of your application’s SSL certificate with third parties. This preserves customer confidentiality and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

Scalability: SecurePath’s architecture enables the use of cost-effective on-premises units, as the heavy lifting of security processing occurs in the cloud. This scalability ensures optimal resource utilization.

Centralized Management and Visibility: Radware’s unified security portal offers complete visibility from a single dashboard, allowing granular management of all applications, regardless of their deployment location.

Application Protection-as-a-Service: In today’s world, the shortage of cybersecurity experts is a pressing concern. SecurePath addresses this by providing a fully managed 24/7 application protection service. With Radware SecurePath, you gain access to a 24×7 fully managed service, including Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), ensuring superior protection while relieving the burden of configuring security policies and mitigating attacks.

In conclusion, Radware SecurePath™ empowers organizations to achieve robust and streamlined application security for their on-premises Alteon ADCs. With its comprehensive features, managed service, simplicity of deployment, and flexibility across diverse environments, SecurePath is the key to safeguarding your applications effectively in today’s evolving threat landscape.

Learn more about Radware’s SecurePath™ architecture or contact a Radware sales representative to see how we can help you.

Dalit Bar

Dalit Bar is a senior product manager in Radware's Application Delivery Controller Group with extensive experience in networking, data analytics and security solutions. She combines technical expertise with a deep understanding of UX (user experience) to develop solutions that meet customers’ needs and deliver business value. Dalit holds a Bachelor of Sciences (BScs) degree in communication system engineering.

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