Announcing New Features and Updates

Months of tireless effort, a symphony of collaboration between development teams, designers, product managers, and many more dedicated team members have all led us to this pivotal moment. The time has come to press that ‘Publish’ button and unveil what we have created for our customers. Our latest updates and features are ready to introduce a range of improvements from enhanced efficiency to more enjoyable interaction and new features, these improvements have been designed with you in mind.

In this blog, I will put some light on the importance of announcing new features and updates to Radware’s customers and introduce you to our NEW “Updates” dedicated side panel card where you will find what is new in Cloud Services.

The Importance of Announcing New Features and Updates

User engagement is one of the best ways to foster a strong and active community, enhance customer satisfaction, and adapt to the latest updates smoothly.
A feature without an effective announcement is a wasted dev time and a layer of complexity for the users.
As part of a product team that is constantly working on improving the product and releasing new features, we must consider the feature launch strategy so users will be able to adapt and use them.
We communicate new features by:

  1. Alerting users to change while they are using the system. These include pop-ups, banners, and dedicated location for “What’s New” or “updates.”
  1. Email about new features so that users can read it at their leisure and refer to it multiple times.
  1. Creating demos to explain how new features or products work and their value proposition and offer users a chance to ask questions.
  1. Blogging about new features and releases. It provides a wide platform to expose the new change, link out to useful content related to the change and documentation.

What Exactly to Focus on When Announcing New Features and Functionality to Users.

It is important to provide clear and engaging information to ensure that users are well informed, motivated to try the new feature, and have the necessary resources to efficiently and effectively. There is a lot of information to include when announcing, but the two key elements to include in the announcement are:

  1. Feature Description and Value – updating new functionality or features should always start with focus on value. When announcing something new, it can be tempting to start the story off with capabilities. Users do not care about what a product can do. They care about what a product can do for them.
  1. How to Use and Access – Provide step-by-step instructions on how users can access and utilize the features. Use visuals, if possible, to make the process easy to understand.

Introducing Radware’s “Updates” Card

Recently Radware launched a new user-friendly and innovative “Updates” card to engage with our customers. This will enable them to discover and easily engage with the powerful new capabilities within the cloud services portal.
The “Updates” card is available from anywhere in the cloud services portal and contains all the latest and greatest that the product team would like to introduce to Radware’s customers.
Within the card, users can easily select the product they wish to explore for updates.



In conclusion, when announcing new product features and functionality, emphasizing value is a critical element to include. By highlighting the benefits and addressing how these enhancements improve the user experience, we can create messaging that is compelling and user-centric, resonating with and engaging customers effectively. This customer-centric approach is fundamental to the success of any product launch or feature announcement.

Liora Breitman

Liora Breitman leads Radware’s Cloud Services product design team. With over 12 years of professional experience in the design field, her team provides Radware customers with a solid, simple and innovative ease-of-use experience. Liora demonstrates strong leadership qualities by consistently staying updated on the latest design trends and emerging technologies in the cybersecurity domain. She is skilled at translating complex security concepts into user-friendly designs, which greatly contributes to the overall success of Radware's cloud products and the user experience for customers.

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