Radware’s Alteon VA™ Virtual Appliance Combines with IBM’s Next Generation Platform to Change the Enterprise IT Experience

On April 11, IBM announced the availability of IBM PureSystems, a new family of integrated systems with built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically with integration to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency. I’m pleased to announce that Radware is playing a key a role in IBM’s new family of offerings as Radware’s Alteon VA™, an industry-leading application delivery controller (ADC) packaged as a virtual appliance, is optimized to run over IBM’s next generation platform called IBM PureFlex System.

The IBM PureFlex System platform combines servers, enterprise storage, networking, virtualization and management into a single structure.  As a certified ADC virtual appliance for IBM PureSystems, Radware’s Alteon VA is now listed on IBM’s independent software vendor online catalogue and you can find more information about it and download a free trial version of the appliance here.

We’re thrilled to make IBM’s list of business partners certified on its next generation platform. With this certification, we are excited to change the enterprise IT experience as we know it and welcome our customers and those of IBM’s to the next era of computing. This excitement is shared by our IBM counterparts as well. Michael Riegel, vice president of global ISVs, IBM said: “Radware is now working with IBM as a certified IBM PureSystems Business Partner to introduce a new category of computing. This category incorporates expert integrated systems to fundamentally change the experience and economics of IT.”

With Alteon VA, IBM customers now have the ability to provide integrated ADC services for their mission-critical applications running over the IBM PureFlex System platform. With it, users will be able to simply manage and flexibly deploy integrated patterns of virtual and hardware resources through unified management across multiple operating platforms to reduce IT complexity and increase physical to virtual infrastructure migration efficiency. Radware’s solution not only simplifies ADC deployment and streamlines administration with pre-integrated, pre-optimized IBM platform policies, but also will ensure non-stop business availability, the fastest application response time to meet SLAs, and exceptional quality of experience.  It also allows for consistent and simple application deployment methodology for both the application virtual machines and the associated ADC services.

Alteon VA runs on the industry’s leading hypervisors including KVM.  It provides an application-aware approach to deploying and managing applications by delivering full application availability, maximum performance and complete security allowing users to extract more value from IT investments in the IBM PureSystems.  Alteon VA further provides identical functionality to Alteon physical ADC devices, including local and global server load balancing, Layer 7 capabilities and application acceleration such as SSL acceleration with throughput options ranging from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps.

As a certified IBM PureSystems Business Partner, we are not only able to offer an integrated, expert solution designed to simply address our client’s complex challenges, we will also give our clients the opportunity to increase ROI – by reducing development time and costs and growing business – and tap into the 70% of IT budgets currently devoted to upkeep of current systems for innovation.

After completing extensive training and testing, we’re proud to be certified ready for IBM PureSystems and confident that our solutions will provide clients with the level of satisfaction they expect and the level of simplicity they desire.

I invite you to learn more about accelerating the cloud with solutions from Radware and IBM by going to the Radware ADC Solutions for IBM PureSystems Web page here.

Check out our free 30-day trial of Alteon VA, or feel free to ask me about Radware’s solutions for the IBM PureSystems family.

Yossi Vardi

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