Proudly Announcing: Radware Acquires Strangeloop Networks!

Today is an important day for both Radware and our network of valued customers and channel partners as we announce the acquisition of Strangeloop Networks. Strangeloop is a leader in the Web Performance Optimization (WPO) domain, offering best-in-class, field-proven technology for accelerating Web application response time. Before I dive into why this is such a milestone, I want to address why Web performance optimization is so critical, and as a result, why this acquisition is so important.

With the strong adoption of software as a service (SaaS), more cloud-based services and an increasing mobile workforce, today’s enterprises require Web applications to consistently perform quickly and efficiently to ensure high employee productivity while optimizing business performance. In addition, online businesses in industries such as eCommerce, eRetail and online financial services are highly dependent on customer–facing Web applications that require fast performance to increase conversion rates and generate revenue. So whether you rely on internal mission-critical applications or generate revenue through online, customer-facing services – fast Web application response time should definitely be on your radar.

Radware’s acquisition of Strangeloop creates several advantages and business opportunities:

  • Radware customers will benefit from incredibly fast Web application response time via the world’s leading Web Performance Optimization (WPO) solution, branded as FastView™. The results is accelerated Web load time by up to 200%. This will directly increase employee productivity by 10% – growing revenues by 13% and more.
  • Strangeloop customers will benefit from product continuity including 24×7, world-class support from Radware’s Technical Assistance Centers (TAC). This provides Strangeloop customers the ability to continue ordering existing product models, combined with the opportunity to leverage Radware’s industry-leading application delivery and network security solutions.
  • Radware channel partners will receive new business growth opportunities though the extension of Radware’s product portfolio, empowering them to delivering a broader value proposition to their customers.
  • Strangeloop channel partners will do business with a solid, well–established application delivery focused vendor with the opportunity to sell a broader, more robust suite of solutions to customers.
  • And finally, for Radware We’re proud to be a leader in the application delivery industry, and through this acquisition we will leverage Strangeloop’s track record of technology innovation that will continue to expand through Radware’s on-going investment and commitment to this domain.

On a personal note, it’s hard to put in words how excited the entire Radware team is, this is truly a milestone for our business. We’re thrilled that both Radware and Strangeloop customers will now have access to solutions that will deliver unparalleled performance and speed – improving end-to-end response time and conversion rates.

Until next time,

Nir Ilani

Nir Ilani owns the global product strategy and practices of Radware’s Cloud Security services including Cloud DDoS Protection, Cloud WAF and Cloud Acceleration. He has over two decades of diverse engineering and product management experience including managing the design, development and release of industry-leading, high-scale solutions. Nir is an expert in Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data and Networking technologies, and a frequent speaker in technology events. Nir holds a Bachelor in Computer Science and Business Administration as well as MBA, both from Tel-Aviv University. Nir writes about trends, technological evolution and economic impact related to Cloud, Security and everything in between.

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