Author: Arik Atar

Arik Atar recently joined Radware's industry-leading Threat Research team, bringing his flavor of threat intelligence. While new to Radware, he draws on multifaceted expertise built across a 7-year career on the front lines of cyber threat hunting. In 2014, While completing his BA in International Relations and Counterterrorism at IDC University, Arik took his first steps on the darknet as part of his research on Iran-sponsored attack groups. On Bright Data, Arik uncovered both cyber adversaries'. He led investigations against high-profile proxy users that misused Bright Data's global residential proxy network to initiate mass-scale DDoS and bot attacks. In 2021, he moved from inspecting the attack logs from the attacker's view to inspecting the attack from the defender's point of view in human security (formal art PerimeterX), where he leveraged multiple hacker identities he developed over the years to hunt cyber threat intelligence on application hackers. Arik delivered keynote speeches at conferences such as Defcon, APIParis, and FraudFights' Cyber Defender meetups. Arik’s diverse career path has armed him with unique perspectives on application security. His expertise combines strategic cyber threat analysis with game theory and social psychology elements

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