Radware Named 2020 SPARK Matrix™ Leader in Bot Management

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At Radware, we are elated to have been named the 2020 Technology Leader in Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix™: Bot Management 2020 analysis of the global Bot Management market. 

What Does Being a Leader Mean to Us?  

Leadership can only be earned, not claimed. At Radware we don’t take leadership for granted. We are thankful for the recognition and are committed to continuous technology innovation in order to ensure customer satisfaction, regaining their trust time and again. Specifically, Bot Management solutions and their core detection technologies must constantly evolve to defend against threats from increasingly sophisticated bots. Maintaining leadership in this rapidly growing market is certainly a challenging endeavor.  

While bot detection is technically complex at its core, ensuring that such a tool is simple to use and that it provides a great user experience means listening to our customers and addressing their concerns through continuous and iterative product improvement. Security, marketing and strategic teams should have clear, intuitive, and granular information on every aspect of their traffic to gain insights to help optimally manage their bot management strategies. Solution providers should strive to combine machine learning as well as technical ingenuity to develop robust tools to stay ahead of attack techniques that are continually being honed by cybercriminals, profit-driven entities, and other malicious actors.  

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Moreover, a leading bot management tool should seamlessly integrate with any customer’s technology stack. It should allow organizations to handle bot traffic in a variety of ways to suit their unique needs (such as an e-commerce firm choosing to feed fake pricing data to competitors’ price scraper bots, or filtering traffic from markets in which it does not do business, or throttling search engine bots to ensure a good user experience during periods of heavy customer traffic, and so on).  

A Track Record of Excellence

Our customer-centricity and product innovation have been recognized time and again by leading analyst organizations and verified customer review platforms, such as Peer InsightsTM.

Quadrant’s SPARK Matrix™ evaluation examined bot management solutions from Radware and nine other vendors by evaluating primary factors such as their product portfolios, technology strategies, market presence, and customer value proposition. The SPARK Matrix™ provides a comparative analysis of key vendors and their positioning, providing security leaders and decision makers strategic insights into participating vendors’ relative rankings, graphed on a matrix according to their technology excellence and customer impact. 

The SPARK Matrix™: Bot Management, 2020 report found significant differences between the 10 bot management tools that they evaluated, ranging from basic to highly effective capabilities in detecting bad bots and preventing automated bot attacks depending on the vendor. In terms of their functional breadth and depth, however, Quadrants’ analysts found significant differences between the offerings from participating vendors in the evaluation. Key differentiators include the sophistication of attack detection techniques, the ability to detect advanced humanlike bots, robust threat research and intelligence to capture emerging bot trends, the sophistication of attack prevention, detection accuracy and scalability, integration and interoperability, technology vision and roadmap. 

According to Sachin Birajdar, Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Radware offers robust security to organizations from automated threats to web applications, mobile apps, and APIs. By integrating behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis; collective bot intelligence; and fingerprinting of browsers, app, and machines; it provides precise bot management across all platforms. Radware’s Bot Manager solution protects the user from a wide array of threats such as account takeover, gift card fraud, application DoS, price scraping, content scraping, digital ad fraud, skewed analytics, form spam, and others. With overall strong performance across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact, Radware is positioned as the 2020 technology leader in the global bot management market.” 

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“We are proud to be named as the 2020 technology leader in the global bot management market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions,” said Pavan Thatha, Head of Bot Management for Radware. “This honor reflects all of the dedicated, innovative work our team has made in bot management and the broader cyber security market over the years and the trust our partners and customers have placed in Radware.”  

Download the SPARK Matrix™: Bot Management 2020 report for a complete reading of the comparative evaluation of bot management solutions.

Read Radware’s “The Big Bad Bot Report” to learn more.

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Pavan Thatha

Pavan Thatha is a serial entrepreneur in cybersecurity with two decades of experience in the technology industry. Pavan currently serves as VP & GM of the Radware Innovation Center. Pavan joined Radware as part of Radware’s acquisition of ShieldSquare, a market leader in the bot management industry where he was co-founder and CEO. Prior to founding ShieldSquare, Pavan was the co-founder and CEO at a two-factor authentication startup named ArrayShield. Pavan is a gold medalist in electronics & communications from NIT, Warangal and completed his master’s from IIT Bombay.

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