Radware & Yeshiva University Partner for Online Learning Program

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Radware is honored to announce a pilot online learning program in conjunction with Yeshiva University to teach college students practical cybersecurity courses centered around Radware’s solutions.

Five students in the cybersecurity master’s program at the Katz School of Science and Health will be trained on Radware’s platform that includes mitigation strategies against cyberattacks, such as DDoS and web application firewalls. DDoS occurs when a malicious actor seeks to disable a computer or network of computers by disrupting the services of a host computer connected to the internet.

Turning Learning into Practical Industry Knowledge

“Radware is the standard in the industry, one of the leading DDoS mitigation providers,” said David Schwed, co-director of the cybersecurity master’s program at the Katz School. “Our students will be at a distinct advantage when they graduate with an M.S. degree from Katz and Radware certification and training.”

At the completion of the STEM education course study, enrolled students will earn a digital badge, suitable for use on LinkedIn, etc.

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“We’re excited about partnering with Yeshiva University for this pilot program,” said Riki Goldreich, Vice President of Human Resources for Radware. “Radware is committed to furthering STE(A)M educational initiatives. We see tremendous value in providing Yeshiva University students with practical real-world experiences as they begin their careers.”

Students in the Katz School’s cybersecurity master’s program learn how cybersecurity fits into the overall governance and risk management framework of an organization. They not only develop the technological and managerial expertise to plan, implement and audit cybersecurity protocols and procedures, they get hands-on experience with threat mitigation, detection and defense—all in the heart of New York City, a global epicenter for cybersecurity.

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