Security: On-Premise or In the Cloud? Radware’s DefensePipe Offers an End-to-End Solution

While most attacks are detected and mitigated on-premise, attacks that require greater scale are diverted and mitigated in the cloud. Now, you can stop considering the pros and cons of an on-premise security solution versus one that operates in the cloud.

With the introduction of the Radware’s cloud based DefensePipe mitigation, we now offer an end-to-end attack mitigation system that functions both on the customer’s premises and in the cloud.

DefensePipe is a cloud extension of Radware’s on-premise AMS. The two solutions communicate over a ‘Defense Messaging’ mechanism that allows the on-premise AMS to share information about the attack and its characteristics with the cloud-based DefensePipe. This also includes information about Internet pipe utilization during the attack, which is used to decide whether it is necessary to divert the attack traffic to the cloud in order to mitigate using the DefensePipe solution.

The introduction of DefensePipe, positions Radware uniquely in the industry as the only vendor to offer both an on-premise attack mitigation system as well as a cloud-based one. There are other solutions out there that offer either on-premise or in the cloud mitigation systems, but none that is tightly integrated and provides customers with the peace of mind that comes from working with a single vendor during an entire attack campaign.

If availability is crucial to your business operations, I encourage you to learn more about DefensePipe here.

Ronen Kenig

Ronen manages the global marketing strategy for Radware’s Security products. His responsibilities include the planning, positioning and go-to-market strategy for all Security products activities worldwide. An industry expert, Ronen has more than 14 years experience in managing R&D and marketing products in the networking infrastructure, Security and application delivery sectors. Ronen writes about Security threats and solutions, application delivery, and cloud computing.

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