Security Week Article: Next Generation Mobile Networks Come with Next Generation Security Threats

This past weekend, Security Week ran a byline I wrote regarding Long Term Evolution (LTE).

Although this brings the promise of relieving traffic jams for mobile operators, it also brings new security risks. As traffic generated by smartphones grow, LTE networks’ fast mobile broadband will assist handling the increased traffic.

However, mobile operators will have to learn how to handle the new threats. New Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are emerging and mobile carriers and mobile user will find themselves struggling with similar APTs that we see at Enterprises today. For Long Term Evolution networks not to fall short on security, mobile operators must realize the increased threats from malware, fraud, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and many other attacks, and adopt more comprehensive and innovative security strategies.

Although LTE, which is commonly referred as mobile network 4th generation (4G), provides a solid infrastructure to deliver advanced, content-rich applications in real-time, I discuss a few security challenges that should be addressed in order to protect the network from overload and declining quality of service.

The article can be found here. I invite you to read it, and feel free to share any comments or questions you may have for me.

Avi Chesla

Avi manages Radware’s security business unit and the security roadmap for the company’s attack mitigation system. This includes defining all product management and product marketing operations, the theoretical basis for current and future security products, and research and design of core product algorithms. He also holds several patents related to network security. Avi writes on a variety of security topics including application security, behavioral analysis, data loss, and wireless/mobile security.

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